Fans praise Ami Brown’s bravery as Alaskan Bush People star spotted in California

Ami smiling in a wheelchair with Billy Brown and two Alaskan Bush People fans stand behind her
Ami Brown, sitting in a wheelchair, smiles at the camera as Billy and two fans stand behind her

Fans have praised the bravery of Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown after she was spotted in California, where she is undergoing treatment for lung cancer.

The Brown family matriarch was seen being pushed by husband Billy in a wheelchair, and generously posed for a photo with fans.

Despite her ongoing cancer battle, Ami smiled warmly for the camera, mirroring her warm and loving personality.

Fans commented how the Alaskan Bush People star looked well, and praised her bravery.

Susan Holt said: “We are so glad Ami is fighting the fight with so much strength.”

Others offered their prayers for the family as they go through this difficult time.

Cindy Ramirez-Evensen said: “It’s so good to see them out and about. Prayers.”

Christine Clark added: “God bless the Brown family.”

Bernadette Van De Walker said: “Love ❤️ to Ami who always takes time for the fans!”

Ami and Billy left Browntown in Alaska to move to Southern California so she could undergo treatment.

It came after she was diagnosed with stage-3b lung cancer, and was given a gruelling treatment plan.

The show is currently on a break, which is thought to be so producers can capture the latest real-life developments on camera so they can be shown on the show. Alaskan Bush People returns to Discovery next Wednesday.

The photo of Ami was posted on a Facebook fan page titled Matthew “Matt” Jeremiah Brown, below.

Alaskan Bush People returns Wednesday, August 9, at 9/8c on Discovery.

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