Alaskan Bush People’s Ami Brown given gruelling cancer treatment plan

Ami Brown lying in bed on Alaskan Bush People
Ami Brown after receiving her treatment plan from doctors on Alaskan Bush People

Ami Brown received a gruelling 12-week treatment plan on last night’s Alaskan Bush People as she battles cancer.

The beloved Brown family matriarch was diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer after a meeting with oncologists.

And it was revealed she will have to undergo 12 weeks of “intense” radiation and chemotherapy in a bid to try and treat the disease.

The Discovery series’ executive producer Sheila McCormack that the plan would include six weeks of receiving radiation five days a week.

After that she would receive a four-hour chemotherapy session once a week for the remainder of the treatment period.

It was also revealed that Ami weighs just 94lb and if she were to lose 5lb more medics would have to look at giving her a feeding tube.

The news of Ami’s cancer battle has been a massive blow for the family since it was revealed at the start of the season.

Fans have rallied to support the family, who relocated to Southern California as Ami underwent tests.

Last night’s episode saw Ami and Billy Brown’s eldest son Matt injured in an explosion while at the family’s Browntown homestead back in Alaska.

He accidentally detonated an explosive meant to be used to deter bears, and needed to be evacuated before receiving nine staples in his head.

Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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