Gabe and Bear go deer hunting on Alaskan Bush People…in WAR PAINT

Winter’s coming on this week’s Alaskan Bush People and it’s time to stock up before food becomes scarce. Enter Gabe and Bear, who team up to go hunt some deer on this week’s episode at the request of patriarch Billy. Snow has fallen on the tops of the nearby mountains and it won’t be long

Could Alaskan Bush People be a Bam down?

This week on Alaskan Bush People, the family finish their run across open water and Bam has some surprising news. Last week the family took a hazardous trip across some rough water but this week the waves are closer to home. Bam has met a woman down in the Lower 48 and he announces to his folks

Batten down the hatches as Alaskan Bush People take to rough seas

On this week’s episode of Alaskan Bush People, the Browns attempt a voyage to Port Alexander in some rough weather. The Brown’s boat, Integrity, is starting to show her age and with the battering the boat has taken over the years it is a wonder she still floats at all. This week the family decide

Browns blast dynamite to make ‘bush power station’ on Alaskan Bush People

The Brown family begin their biggest ever project on this week’s Alaskan Bush People — creating a “bush power station” to make themselves completely self-sufficient. But when they hit rock while digging the area they want to build it, they need to use dynamite to get through it. Bear is obviously super excited by the

True grit on Alaskan Bush People and new season next week

On this week’s Alaskan Bush People, as the year ends the Brown’s are glad to have survived what was one of their hardest years so far. With the outside world being responsible for many of their hardships, the family are keen to get back to the bush over the next year. They know the life

Watch Alaskan Bush People’s Bam Bam talk art

Bam Bam from Alaskan Bush People has revealed his hidden passion for art. He likes to take charcoals from the fire and just draw on stumps or whatever is nearby. Taking his inspiration from the world around him he he sketches wolves and other animals, using just what he finds as a medium. Bam, 28, is the family’s