Browns blast dynamite to make ‘bush power station’ on Alaskan Bush People

Bear flips the switch to blast the dynamite as the wolf pack hide behind plywood on Alaskan Bush People
Bear flips the switch to set off the dynamite as he and the others protect themselves behind plywood

The Brown family begin their biggest ever project on this week’s Alaskan Bush People — creating a “bush power station” to make themselves completely self-sufficient.

But when they hit rock while digging the area they want to build it, they need to use dynamite to get through it.

Bear is obviously super excited by the prospect, saying: “This is what I live for!” The wolf pack then put together some home-made explosives to use on the open area of land by the lake.

And Bear flips the switch with gusto as he, Billy, Gabe, Rain and Snowbird hide behind a plank of plywood to protect themselves from flying dirt as the ground explodes.

Billy describes the project a “monstrous step” to making Browntown completely self-sufficient. It would allow them to light up the whole area with their own energy, and would mean they wouldn’t have to use a generator any more.

Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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