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Could Alaskan Bush People be a Bam down?

Browns Alaskan Bush People
Browns Alaskan Bush People

This week on Alaskan Bush People, the family finish their run across open water and Bam has some surprising news.

Last week the family took a hazardous trip across some rough water but this week the waves are closer to home.

Bam has some big news but will he leave the wolf pack?
Bam has some big news but will he leave the Wolf Pack?

Bam has met a woman down in the Lower 48 and he announces to his folks that he’s going to head down there to see her.

His mom asks if he is going to stay down there…will he?

One of the problems with growing up in isolated areas is the lack of not just work opportunities but also just meeting someone to date or marry. Bam would not be the first person to head to more populous parts and we’d bet he won’t be the last Brown to make that choice either.

Also on this episode, Noah is missing his better half .

Watch Alaskan Bush People – One Brown Down at 9 PM on Discovery.
The Browns cross open water and face insurmountable odds as they search for the final pieces to accomplish their off-the-grid dream.

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