Batten down the hatches as Alaskan Bush People take to rough seas

Alaskan Bush People at sea
Can Integrity hold up to the weather and protect the Browns? Find out on Alaskan Bush People

On this week’s episode of Alaskan Bush People, the Browns attempt a voyage to Port Alexander in some rough weather.

The Brown’s boat, Integrity, is starting to show her age and with the battering the boat has taken over the years it is a wonder she still floats at all.

Alaskan Bush People
Some big waves are rolling their way

This week the family decide to take a chance on the weather and make for Port Alexander but problems on the way leave them stranded in the middle of the sea.

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As Bear says: “This time of year, there’s definitely some big water.”

His dad agrees adding he knows how bad it can get and that he’s worried about the stress on the boat.

Watch Alaskan Bush People – Dead in the Water at 9 PM on Discovery.

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