Alaskan Bush People’s Brown family are on social media: Here’s where to find them

Gabe posing with Matt in an Instagram photo
Alaskan Bush People’s Gabe and Matt pose on Instagram. Pic: @gabrielstarbuckbrown11/Instagram

Several members of the Brown family from Alaskan Bush People are on social media — and have been using it more after leaving Alaska as mom Ami undergoes treatment for cancer.

But where can you find them? Not all members of the family do use social networking sites, but others use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where you can catch up with their latest posts.

The family members known to use social media are Bam Bam, Gabe, and Rain. There are also accounts set up using the names of the other siblings, but these are fan accounts.

The most active of the three is Rain, who regularly posts updates on her Twitter as well as on her Instagram, where she often adds videos of her singing and pictures of herself and her family.

Rain is also on Snapchat with the username/handle @heroifkirrkwel7. She also recently started a YouTube channel, where she said she was going to add her first video on August 10.

Meanwhile, Bam Bam, who uses his full name Joshua Bam Bam Brown on social media, has both a Facebook and a Twitter page.

He recently took to both to post a poignant picture of the Brown family gathered around mom Ami as she battles cancer.

Bam Bam also has an Instagram page but it’s currently set to private, while Noah also has a private profile on Facebook as does Bear, who is also on Instagram.

Gabe is only active on Instagram, where he recently told how he was struggling with a broken heart. He often posts pictures of himself and other family members, and interacts with fans. Matt also has an Instagram account, but at the time of writing he hadn’t updated it since 2016.

He also recently discovered Snapchat…

Make sure to follow the Alaskan Bush People stars on social media to get their latest updates.

Do you know of any other Brown family members on social media? Let us know in the comments below.

Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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