Ami Brown begins treatment on Alaskan Bush People

Ami Brown in bed on Alaskan Bush People
Ami Brown after receiving her cancer treatment options on the last Alaskan Bush People

Ami Brown begins her cancer treatment on tonight’s Alaskan Bush People.

The episode will air new footage following a two-week break for the series.

As well as showing the start of Ami’s treatment for stage 3b lung cancer, fans will also find out what happened to the Brown family’s boat the Integrity.

We will also be shown Matt Brown, who was injured in an explosion at the family’s Alaskan homestead, returning to California after his accident.

The family moved there so Ami could undergo her treatment for cancer.

Producers yesterday confirmed this week’s episode contains new footage — rather than reruns which fans have been complaining about this season.

After one fan complained about “stale footage” being shown, Discovery revealed that the delays and reruns have been so producers can try and keep fans as up to date as possible when they do show new scenes.

Revealing what would be shown this week, they said: “Ami’s treatment begins, Matt returns to CA, and the fate of the Integrity is revealed.”

A comment by Discovery on the Alaskan Bush People Facebook page

Another post confirmed: “This episode shows Matt’s return to California after his accident, the fate of the Integrity, and the beginning of Ami’s treatment.”

A comment by Discovery on the Alaskan Bush People Facebook page

Asked how much of the footage was new, they joked: “The amount of new footage is, as Bear would say, totally EXTREME! Tune in for updates on the whole family (yup, even the Integrity).”

A comment by Discovery on the Alaskan Bush People Facebook page

One emotional scene also sees Raine and Bird collecting the shrub Devil’s Club to take back to California for their mom.

Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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