My Decade Wrapped: The best reactions to Spotify’s new 2019 feature, and how to find yours on Premium

Billie Eilish accepting an award at the 2019 AMAs
Billie Eilish was the most streamed female artist on Spotify for 2019. Pic credit: ABC / YouTube

Spotify has launched its Wrapped function once again. The now yearly tradition of showing users a breakdown of songs, albums, and artists that they listened to over the previous year has arrived.

This year it comes with a twist as the international media service provider has also launched My Decade Wrapped.

My Decade Wrapped means users get a round-up of their musical habits not just for 2019, but for the last decade.

Anybody who’s been a Spotify user for at least two years will have access to data from before 2019. It will tell you your most played song and your favorite artist of each year over the decade.

The company launched in 2006, so many users have likely clocked up a decade worth of musical treats.

This feature always proves popular with users, and #SpotifyWrapped started trending very quickly. Many people were quick to praise.

However, some folk were unimpressed with the Wrapped feature and felt the need to dispute its accuracy.

Most folk online seemed pleased, though, and felt that their musical tastes were correctly recorded, with some tagging their favorite artist while praising Spotify.

Others seemed to discover new aspects of their personality thanks to the new feature.

This year, the music app offers features such as a map showing where in the world your fave artists are located. This feature gives you an idea as to how international your listening tastes have been.

My Decade Wrapped also tells you who your artist of the decade was, and the music that defined your decade. You will also get the total minutes streamed throughout the decade, so you know how much time you spent on Spotify.

It also includes your top artist and song for each year. Premium users also get to see various other data, including how many artists they discovered.

To access your Spotify Wrapped and My Decade Wrapped, visit spotify.com/wrapped.

Then connect to your account, and Spotify will show you your musical habits from 2019 as well as the last decade.

Post Malone and Billie Eilish were the most streamed on the Spotify Wrapped 2019 annual list.

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