Spotify Wrapped 2019 release date: When will it come out?

spotify wrapped to return for 2019
Spotify Wrapped will allow listeners to check out custom playlists, listening stats, and more. Pic credit: Nightwalk/YouTube

The Spotify Wrapped feature is coming very soon to help music enthusiasts find out what they enjoyed most this past year and what they may have missed.

The popular feature will once again return for the streaming music platform, but many people using the service are wondering when Spotify Wrapped 2019 release date will be.

Here are more details on the feature and anticipated return.

How does Spotify Wrapped work?

Spotify Wrapped is basically a compilation of your top songs playlist and associated listening stats for the past year. It will also provide you a Tastebreakers playlist of tracks that you may want to give a listen to based on your music history.

Other aspects of the feature will tell you what the first song you streamed this past year was and which new artist you discovered.

In 2018, the Wrapped feature let everyone know there was no question about the most streamed artist. It was none other than Drake with at least 8.2 billion streams for the year.

Other popular artists that listeners streamed heavily included Ariana Grande, XXXTentacion, and Post Malone.

To use the Spotify Wrapped feature, go to the Spotify Wrapped official website. When the site is available, log in with your Spotify account.

You should be able to see various information for your music listening history in 2019. To move through the various stats, click or tap the down arrow to see more. That will eventually allow you to see your first song played as well as which songs and artists you listened to most.

When is the Spotify Wrapped release date for 2019?

As of right now, the Spotify Wrapped website has a “Coming Soon” image and redirects users to the Spotify website. They don’t list an official date for the popular feature just yet.

On December 6 of last year, Spotify released a YouTube video to promote the Wrapped feature. Here’s a look:

That probably means the feature is about to arrive soon. According to reports, the Spotify Wrapped 2019 release date is expected to be on December 10.

That’s not too far away for Spotify fans to check out their custom playlists, recommendations, and stats for the past year in music!

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