Lil Wayne Packers hype song: Rapper releases Green and Yellow anthem for NFL playoffs

lil wayne packers hype song arrives for green bay nfl playoffs
Lil Wayne has released a new Green and Yellow theme song for the Packers. Pic credit:

A new Lil Wayne Packers hype song video has been released as an anthem for Green Bay fans to support their team during the NFL Playoffs.

The hip-hop star is known to be an avid sports fan and despite being from New Orleans, he roots for the Green Bay Packers. So he created a theme song that borrows a title from another famous sports anthem, Black and Yellow by rapper Wiz Kalifah.

While Kalifa’s song is to hype up Pittsburgh Steelers fans, Wayne’s is called Green and Yellow for Packers colors.

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Years after he first released the original track, Wayne has blessed Green Bay Packers fans with an updated Green and Yellow anthem ahead of their NFL Playoffs game.

Lil Wayne Packers hype song revealed on UNDISPUTED

Lil Wayne dropped by his friend Skip Bayless’s sports talk show Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED on Friday to announce his new Packers hype song.

It was mentioned that the team contacted him about creating the anthem for this year’s playoff run.

“I did a song before, and we had a good turnout. It was successful,” Wayne said, referring to his previous Green and Yellow. “We had good results, and we’re trying to do it again this time.”

The hip-hop star wouldn’t give away any sneak preview lines of the new song on the show but mentioned he worked on it for three days, which he normally doesn’t do.

Skip added, “I’ve known you to crank ’em out in just a few hours,” referring to Wayne’s ability to create some great music in a short amount of time.

During his discussion of the song on the show, Tha Carter V rapper also made sure to let Skip know, “I know for a fact I don’t say nothing about cowgirls,” as a rib against Bayless’s Dallas team.

Lil Wayne announces new Packers hype song, talks Rodgers & Rams matchup | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Lil Wayne shares how he became a Packers fan

Wayne also shared his story of becoming a Green Bay Packers fan on the show as it’s known he grew up in New Orleans, home of the NFL’s Saints.

He said years ago, the Packers went to the Super Bowl, and it was held in New Orleans. His late father Reginald McDonald attended that big game but wasn’t a fan of either team. It was more about the experience of actually being able to attend the game and enjoy the memories.

However, Wayne shared that Green Bay won that Super Bowl, and his dad arrived home with all sorts of Packers merchandise.

“From that moment on, I was a Green Bay Packers fan,” Wayne said.

He added that the Madden video game that came out featured Brett Favre, so it was “easy to become a fan.”

Skip added that it was Super Bowl XXXI played after the 1997 season, where the Packers won 35-21. He asked Wayne if he ever received any problems from others at school for being a Packers fan.

“Right before my era coming up, the Saints, they were a real bad team. So actually in New Orleans when I was coming up, you used to get roasted on for coming to school with a Saints hat on, or Saints jacket on,” Lil Wayne shared.

Green Bay Packers hype song and video

Years later, Green Bay is again amongst the favorites to get back to the Super Bowl as the NFC representative. The team is the No. 1 seed in the conference and takes on the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday.

There’s no Brett Favre, but Aaron Rodgers has been a great leader for the team since Favre’s day. A win by Rodgers and the Packers on Saturday could end up bringing them a matchup against the New Orleans Saints next week– a team which is much better now than they were in Wayne’s younger days.

Ahead of their big NFL Playoffs game, Wayne dropped the song with a video to go with it on his YouTube channel.

“Once a Packer, always a Packer. Like Shakur, call me two-pack. I’m green and yellow,” he says in the intro.

“Green Bay, Green Bay, huh? It gets scary, Halloween days/Scream face, huh? Bloody Mary, secondary/Jordan meme face, huh
A-Rod got him offside, free play, huh?” Wayne raps in the opening verse of his new Packers hype song.

He makes sure to drop plenty of Green Bay player references throughout, ranging from legends Bart Starr and Reggie White to current roster members Aaron Rodgers, Darnell Savage, and Mason Crosby.

This one’s sure to have many Packers fans amped up as their team looks to win big games in this postseason and beyond.

Lil Wayne - Green And Yellow (Green Bay Packers Theme Song) [Audio]

The Green Bay Packers host the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday, January 16, starting at 4:35 p.m. Eastern Time on FOX.

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