Eslabon Armado release new album Corta Venas today and fans are ready

Eslabon Armado on stage
Eslabon Armado are set to release a new album Corta Venas. Pic credit: Eslabon Armado/YouTube

Eslabon Armado is releasing a new album Corta Venas today and fans are ready for it.

The trio took to Instagram last week to announce to their 618,000 followers that their upcoming album, Corta Venas, will be released on December 17, under DEL Records label.

However, multiple independent sources are saying that the official release may be delayed until December 18.

Eslabon Armado, a Mexican-American band, was formed in Northern California by three teenagers in 2017.

The members are 17-year-old Pedro Tovar (vocals), 16-year-old Brian Tovar (bass and bajoloche), and 18-year-old Gabriel Hidalgo (background vocals and harmony).

The group’s name Eslabon Armado means a united chain, and it was suggested by Pedro and Brian’s dad.

Eslabon Armado fans react on social media

Since Eslabon Armado’s official Instagram page announced last week that the new album Corta Venas would be released today, fans have been looking forward with excitement.

Many fans took to Twitter to express their excitement about the upcoming album.

“Eslabón Armado is dropping ‘Corta Venas’ tomorrow and I’m f**k**g ready,” a fan tweeted.

Many of the tweets show fans with tears in their eyes and others hugging bottles of liquor and looking intoxicated.

This is because the title of the album, Corta Venas, means cut veins, referring to a genre of Spanish love songs that express deep sadness and heartbreak usually due to unrequited love or disappointment experienced in a romantic relationship.

The idea is that the songs are so sad and heartbreaking that they could make listeners want to take their own lives.

Corta Venas alum has a tracklist of 20 songs

The tracklist for Corta Venas includes 20 songs, such as Ando Más Que Mal, Mi Historia Entre Tus Dedos, Fui Lejos, and Te Marques.

You may view the complete list of songs here.

Eslabon Armado released their debut studio album in April

Eslabon Armado released their debut studio album, the 10-track Tu Veneno Mortal, in April.

Tu Veneno Mortal reached the top 10 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart and debuted at number 2 on the Regional Mexican Albums Chart.

Their sophomore album, Vibras de Noche, released in July, debuted at number one on the Top Latin Album chart.

The teenage group has a large following on YouTube with more than 550,000 subscribers.

They describe their music as traditional sierreña music.

The latest news comes after Ariana Grande released her album Positions on October 30.

Rapper T.I. also announced the release of a new album The Libra in September.


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