Zack Snyder reveals the Green Lantern planned for Justice League and the actor

Green Lantern in Justice League Featured.
Pic credit: HBO Max.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is now available for the world to see on HBO Max. The movie features mostly material and scenes that didn’t make it to the movie’s theatrical cut in 2017. 

After leaving the project due to a family tragedy, Zack Snyder could not complete his vision of the DC Extended Universe. But due to a popular and now successful fan movement, his vision was released for audiences earlier this year. 

Snyder used most of what he original shot for the movie before Joss Whedon reshot the sequences and changed most of the movie’s plot. The result was a 4-hour epic extravaganza that reinstated everything removed by the studio and Whedon in the theatrical cut. Almost everything.

Some of the omissions were the entire story arc of Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and his father, played by Joe Morton. Other aspects of the movie were reinstated such as Ryan Zheng’s Ryan Choi, a.k.a. the would-be Atom. 

However, speaking at Justice Con 2021, Zack Snyder confirmed that some elements still didn’t make his Snyder Cut. The biggest of that was the inclusion of the fan-favorite Green Lantern, John Stewart. 

The Green Lantern Zack Snyder chose for Justice League

Green Lantern in Justice League Corps.
Pic credit: DC Comics.

Which Green Lantern would make a cinematic appearance first has been a sort of debate in the fan community. While the only Green Lantern movie featured Ryan Reynolds as the Hal Jordan version of the character, John Stewart was made popular by the Justice League animated show. 

Snyder finally put the theories to rest, confirming that John Stewart was the Green Lantern chosen for his version of The Justice League. He even confirmed the actor that would be playing him.

Wayne T. Carr was cast as Green Lantern and even shot some footage with Snyder on his driveway. The plans even went as far as creating a CGI suit for the actor, that was meant to look real. 

Who is Wayne T. Carr? 

Green Lantern in Justice League Featured.
Pic credit: DC Comics.

The actor cast as the first-ever live-action adaptation of John Stewart is mostly an unknown. Carr’s credit includes the TV shows Stupid Cupid and S.W.A.T. His casting seems similar to that of Ray Fisher, who was also relatively unknown at the time of his Justice League casting. 

Snyder mentions how his initial plans included having John Stewart be the one meeting Ben Affleck’s Batman in the final scene. However, the plans later necessitated the character be John Lennox’s Martian Manhunter instead. 

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is now streaming on HBO Max. 

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