Yes Day: What is Julian Lerner’s age? What else has he been in?

Promotional still from Yes Day.
Julian Lerner plays Nando Torres in Yes Day. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s family-comedy Yes Day has wowed audiences.

It’s been less than 48 hours since the movie’s premiere, and it has already made its way onto the number one position of Netflix’s Trending in the U.S. list.

Yes Day features many friendly faces like Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez, but the movie shined an extra-bright spotlight on its younger actors.

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Child actor Julian Lerner impressed everybody as he played the movie’s troublemaker, Nando Torres. 

Who is Julian Lerner? 

Julian Lerner is a young stage and screen actor, thought to be around 11-13 years old. His well-circulated biography reads that he made his acting debut at age eight when he starred in the 2017 movie Pottersville. 

Before Yes Day, the actor starred in the National Broadway Tour of Les Miserables as the character Gavroche. He made an appearance in an episode of Saturday Night Life to play a young Pete Davidson. 

Other acting credits include playing the title character in Leo the Lionhearted and Young Luca in the English-dubbed version of Dragon Quest: Your Story.

Additionally, Lerner has popped up around many late-night shows as a performer. He’s been featured on Last Night Tonight with John Oliver, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Kevin’s Isolators. 

What has he been saying?

Lerner has been enjoying the premiere of his latest movie. He posted a picture collage to his (parent-monitored) Instagram of him enjoying a celebratory cake.

The “Yes Day” cake is decked in sprinkles and has an inside surprise. He wrote, “Best cake ever!” 

He also had a blast shooting his promotional photos. Lerner posted a “Boomerang” video in front of his press set-up. In the video, he is seen jumping up and down with a big smile on his face.

The actor also has a wicked guitar collection which is often seen in the background of his posts. He recently shared a comical video where he chose to perform a Green Day song on his guitar instead of doing his homework.

He wrote, “Math or Green Day?” 

In his video he expresses, “This is so much better than school!”

Lerner made an exciting Netflix debut in the trending movie Yes Day. He flawlessly portrayed Nando Torres, a rebellious science-geek.

At the beginning of the movie, the character gets briefly scolded for describing his mom as a ruthless dictator in a student movie project.

Yes Day is currently streaming on Netflix.

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