The Perfection plot, release date and trailer: What we know about new Netflix movie

The Perfection
What is The Perfection about? Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix premiered the first trailer for The Perfection today and the footage looks extremely unsettling.

What’s happening in this trailer is anyone’s guess but the tone has familiar aspects that are prevalent in other horror films like Jordan Peele’s Get Out or even Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan.

The film stars Allison Williams who also had a role in Get Out and seems to have a strange sinister role in this new film. But what is The Perfection about? Here is everything to know about the new Netflix film from director Richard Shepard.

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What is The Perfection about?

The new horror film The Perfection doesn’t seem to show too much in the trailer, outside of guaranteeing you won’t want to sleep alone after you watch it. But there are a few details we know so far.

IMDB says that the Netflix original focuses on two musicians who went to the same school.

Years after giving up her dream as a cello prodigy to care for her sick mother, Charlotte (Allison Williams) decides she needs some inspiration and looks to her former mentor Anton (Steven Weber), meeting his new pupil, Elizabeth (Logan Browning).

Soon after, things appear to get extremely trippy and horrifying. As said, it seems like it has some Black Swan vibes with artistic expression making it horrific.

The film screened at Fantastic Fest and got some decent reviews, including one from Bloody Disgusting who called it a “fabulously twisted film that can’t easily fit into one genre.”

They also call the film a dark and twisted comedy which is surprising considering the creepiness of the trailer. It has a score of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes with eight reviews so far.

Adding to this, director Richard Shepard has some solid work under his belt. He is known for creating strong characters for every movie he makes. One such example is Dom Hemingway starring Jude Law as a loud mouth psychopath trying to get paid for not snitching on his boss.

To add to the interest, his co-writers on this movie — Eric C. Charmelo and Nicole Snyder — have an extensive background working in television, specifically the fan favorite series Supernatural.

The Perfection | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

When will The Perfection be released on Netflix?

According to the trailer and Netflix, the horror film will release on the streaming platform on May 24. That is quite a wait but considering the footage and the person sitting in the director’s chair, it should be worth the wait.

All that aside, the footage looks quite promising and should get horror fans excited. Until then, other films from Richard Shepard like The Matador and Dom Hemingway are available for rent and purchase on Amazon now.

The Perfection will terrify Netflix viewers starting May 24.

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