Exclusive Interview: Yes Day’s Julian Lerner chats about having fun at Six Flags and working with Jennifer Garner

Promotional still from Yes Day.
Julian Lerner and Jenna Ortega star in Yes Day. Pic credit: Netflix

Yes Day has found monumental success since premiering on March 12. It is currently trending in the number one slot in 50 countries and has been viewed in over 53 million households. 

This Netflix comedy follows the Torres family while they embark on a “Yes Day” — meaning the parents let their three kids make the rules for 24-hours. The movie is filled with hilarity as the family finds themselves in endless shenanigans. At the heart of the movie is young actor Julian Lerner who plays middle-child Nando Torres. 

Monsters & Critics recently spoke with Julian Lerner about his favorite scene to shoot, his relationship with his costars and his past experience on-stage. 

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On his character Nando Torres

Monsters and Critics: Your character Nando has a lot of energy and is very fun. He’s also a science geek. Do you share anything in common with him? 

Julian Lerner: Yeah, I mean, you just said what Nando is. Nando is funny, mischievous, kind and basically, up for anything. I love to dive right into new stuff. As an actor, that’s basically what I do. 

Monsters and Critics: Are you interested in science, as well?

Julian Lerner: Yes, I love science! It’s actually my favorite subject. I did a really, really cool experiment the other day where you basically have dry ice and you pour hot water on it and it blows up into a volcano. It was really cool.

On his favorite scene to shoot 

Monsters and Critics: What scene was the most fun to shoot? 

Julian Lerner: My favorite scene to shoot was definitely the rollercoaster scenes. I love going upside down and that’s basically what Six Flags is, it’s all upside-down rollercoasters. That week, the tech-side of filming, that was amazing, they strapped a camera to the front of the rollercoaster. That’s just crazy. It was just so much fun. I got to do my favorite thing in the world: Ride rollercoasters.  

Lerner went on to share about how Casey Hamilton (“he handles filming at Six Flags”) brought the cast around the Six Flags amusement park and they were able to ride rides. He described how Hamilton would bring them to the rides “through the exit,” so they were able to ride “every rollercoaster!” 

On his cast members

The young actor had plenty of good words to share on his castmates. He described their working relationship as “like a family.” 

Julian Lerner: When I first saw Jen [Jennifer Garner], she was so nice and funny, and caring. And Edgar [Ramirez] is so cool, and I knew that we were going to be friends for a long time. And Jenna [Oretga] is a great role model for me and she’s like the big sister everybody always wishes they had. Everly Carganilla is so funny and cute, and sweet and adorable. It was amazing. I feel so blessed to have been able to work with them on-set. 

Check out the full interview below!

Yes Day: Julian Lerner on playing Nando Torres in hit Netflix movie

Yes Day is currently streaming on Netflix.

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