Celebrities praise Zendaya’s performance in Malcolm and Marie

The titular characters in Netflix's Malcolm and Marie
Zendaya and John David Washington in Malcolm and Marie. Pic Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s latest romance-drama Malcolm and Marie has hijacked the internet. The movie is directed and written by Sam Levinson (Euphoria) and stars Zendaya and John David Washington. 

Malcolm and Marie has received a mixed reception from critics. However, the performances by the actors and the movie’s authenticity have been widely complimented. This revelation is being echoed by celebrities and fans. 

What are celebrities saying?

On the day of the premiere, fans expressed that they would be staying up all night to watch the movie immediately after it is added to the Netflix platform. Turns out, celebrities did too. 

Many celebrities have expressed their admiration for their new movie, turning to Twitter to share their thoughts and praise. 

In response to one of Zendaya’s tweets last night, Kerry Washington wrote, “It’s magnificent Z! And your performance is quite literally breathtaking. Congratulations to you and the whole Malcolm and Maree (love that!) family!”

Canvas showrunner Frank Abney shared similar thoughts. He wrote to his followers, “Malcolm. And. Marie. Just WOW!!!  @Zendaya and #JohnDavidWashington knocked those performances tf OUT!! Omg! Hats off to Sam Levinson! The dynamic and experiences portrayed was something of raw truth!! Congrats y’all!!”

Chicago Fire actor Holly Robinson Peete commended Zendaya’s performance. She tweeted, “It’s soooo good, Z! I can’t wait for everyone to see it!!!!” 

Both of the Malcolm and Marie actors have opened up about how their respective roles challenged them and their found camaraderie on set. 

In an interview with Deadline, Zendaya spoke about how the heightened levels of emotions during the coronavirus pandemic coupled with the extra responsibilities and fear that came with filming during such an unprecedented event made it easier for her to let her guard down.

She shared, “We were dealing in such rough emotional spaces and it was so important that we were able to do that in a space that felt safe. After John David would do his monologue or I would do mine, or he would cry or I would cry, there was a check-in, a support system with everyone there. That is how you’re able to do your best work.

Malcolm and Marie was meticulously composed by the hard work of Levinson and his cast and crew. The actors channeled their emotional vulnerability into creating authentic and understated characters, as praised by critics, fans, and celebrities. It’s truly something special.

Malcolm and Marie is now streaming on Netflix.

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