Bigfoot Family on Netflix: Synopsis, trailer, crew… and what people are saying about its family’s strange dynamics

Promotional still from Bigfoot Family.
Bigfoot Family just arrived on Netflix! Pic credit: Netflix

Bigfoot Family just arrived on Netflix!

Originally premiering in 2020, this animated comedy is a kooky family movie that promises tons of hilarity along with some charming, heartfelt moments.

What is Bigfoot Family about? 

Bigfoot Family is the sequel to The Son of Bigfoot, with both movies following the busy life of the urban legend Bigfoot. However, Bigfoot Family pushes Bigfoot’s son to the center of attention.

Describing the movie, Netflix says, “Bigfoot’s now a big deal. So when he goes missing, his shy but tech-savvy teen son must take on an evil CEO to save his family and a wildlife preserve.”

The trailer teases the family getting into a bustling adventure as they work to locate the bigfooted patriarch and take down a sleazy oil tycoon.

Bigfoot Family will be available to stream on Netflix on Friday, March 26. It is being described as “exciting” on the streaming platform.

Filmmaker Ben Stassen is the movie’s director and producer. Stassen is best known for his work on international animated movies including, Fly Me to the Moon and A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures.

What are people saying? 

Since the announcement of the movie’s arrival to Netflix, Bigfoot Family has been widely talked about. Many have praised it for being part of Netflix’s expansion to add more family-friendly movies and others have already named it as being a “best new upcoming movie.”

In Australia, Bigfoot Family has already been made available for watching on Netflix and it was chosen to be “this week’s premiere pick” by the Australian sector of the streaming platform.

However, what is being most-talked about online by fans is the movie family’s strange dynamics. 

Twitter user @theandismts shared a tweet with a gif that reads, “Stop it. Get some help.” They added in the caption, “Y’all Netflix is releasing a movie called Bigfoot Family and it’s a kids movie about Bigfoot, his human wife and his human son.”

As this is a criticism that hasn’t previously harmed acclaimed animators, like the creators of Beauty and the Beast, Bigfoot Family is still expected to quickly climb its way to the top of the trending list in Netflix US. 

And what better time than a Friday to release a lighthearted family movie? It has been predicted that many families will be gathering around the screen to watch this comedy this weekend.

Bigfoot Family is currently streaming on Netflix.

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