Zendaya addresses viral pregnancy rumors

Zendaya 2018 red carpet
Zendaya addressed pregnancy rumors after causing speculation on TikTok and Twitter. Pic credit: © Mayhew/LandmarkMedia

Don’t get “Krissed” – Zendaya has confirmed that this week’s trending topic of her being pregnant was only a rumor.

The Euphoria star, 25, debunked the claim that she was pregnant with Tom Holland’s baby after it was trending on social media. After months of speculation, the two basically declared their relationship publicly on Instagram earlier this year.

With TikTok videos being uploaded (involving the rumor) and “Zendaya pregnant” trending on Twitter, the actress took to Instagram to let followers know that the information was false.

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Zendaya says fake rumors are why she stays off Twitter

In her Instagram story, Zendaya simply addressed the pregnancy gossip with a text post that started with, “See now, this is why I stay off Twitter…”

“Just making stuff up for no reason… weekly,” she said.

Zendaya's Instagram story
Pic credit: @zendaya/Instagram

The rumors had fooled fans and fellow celebrities into thinking Zendaya and Tom were with child.

Even singer Lil Nas X had to comment on the situation. “I hate [Twitter] because I’m sitting here about to congratulate [Zendaya] via dm about a baby that doesn’t exist,” they wrote.

Lil Nas X tweet
Pic credit: @LilNasX/Twitter

How the ‘Krissed’ trend started Zendaya’s fake pregnancy rumor

The new viral TikTok trend in which users get “Krissed” involves users spreading fake celebrity news to trick their followers into watching their videos. The TikToks typically end with a meme of Kris Jenner dancing along to Lady Marmalade with the text, “You just got Krissed!”

On the video-sharing platform, some users pranked their followers by sharing fake photos of Zendaya’s alleged pregnancy.

One TikTok by user @ryan.roberts displayed a photoshopped Instagram post by Zendaya with a sonogram and the caption, “I love you. Halfway there @tomholland.”

Another video by user @robairesbussy included a photoshopped photo of a baby bump onto the actress along with text that read, “WAIT SINCE WHEN WAS ZENDAYA PREGNANT.”

With the Disney star’s name quickly escalating to the top of the Twitter trends, fans shared their thoughts on the “fake news.”

“Lmaooo [Twitter] users actually believed that [Zendaya] is pregnant. Yall guillible af,” one user wrote.

“The only thing Zendaya is pregnant with is a successful career,” another user tweeted.

And with her long line of work, an Emmy award under her belt, and multiple films in the works, it’s safe to say @zackzackk on Twitter was right.

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