Whole Foods CEO John Mackey appears on Joe Rogan Experience podcast

John Mackay on Joe Rogan
CEO of Whole Foods slammed intellectuals on the Joe Rogan podcast. Pic credit: Powerful JRE/YouTube

The CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, sat down with Joe Rogan yesterday when he spoke about his role in building a business and all things relating to capitalism.

Mackay laid out his defense of capitalism and big business while also stating his problem with socialism. He talked about his idea of ‘conscious capitalism,‘ which is a concept that concentrates on ethically doing business.

He also took a swipe at intellectuals.

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During their lengthy discussion, Rogan asked Mackey for his thoughts on why there is a growing interest in socialism within America today. He responded immediately by attacking academics.

He said that throughout history, the intellectuals and academics have always been the enemies of business and capitalism. And he thinks it’s because they are jealous of the entrepreneurs.

John Mackey says ‘society doesn’t value’ intellectuals

Mackey said the entrepreneurs were the guys who made the most friends and were the most successful; basically, they make more money than the academics, which makes the latter jealous.

He said they are envious and jealous because “society doesn’t value them” as much as businesspeople.

He said that business people have also changed societies and upset the status quo, which he says can annoy many people, especially the intellectuals.

The entrepreneur then argued that socialism takes away the incentive to create and innovate, whereas, in a capitalist society, the business community rewards innovation.

He also argues that capitalism and innovation reward everybody in society as wealth creation benefits everyone.

Rogan asked him about the problems that capitalism can cause, such as greed and environmental problems. Mackey admitted that greed exists in business but argued that it exists everywhere, as it is part of human nature.

Socialism can’t eradicate greed, he suggested.

On environmental issues, he says that governmental regulation can help control the worst of the pollution, but that business can also help solve the environmental problems.

Joe Rogan Experience #1569 - John Mackey

Opinions on Mackey’s views differed online

Fans of Mackay on Rogan took to Twitter to show their appreciation. One fan said the podcast with Mackey had to be in the top ten.

praise for Rogan's podcast
Pic credit: @vbjobanny/Twitter

Another fan wrote that they loved the podcast and wished that “there was a greater elaboration on the flaws of socialism and statism in general and why liberty and freedom within capitalism will always be superior.”

Praise for the Mackey podcast
Pic credit: @EricBolinScribe/Twitter

However, the CEO did have some detractors on Twitter; one wrote: “Mackey’s perspective broke my brain. His views & opinions are UTTERLY flawed — truly mush-brained. I wish Rogan had the tools to more effectively push back against Mackey’s mind-sick excuse of an argument.”

Tweeter criticising Mackey
Pic credit: @JamesJAsher/Twitter

Joe Rogan is no stranger to having controversial figures on his podcast. Last month, he had conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on the show when he discussed a shady society run by the richest and wealthiest in America.

Last week on The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan chatted with comedian Donnell Rawlings who was recently shot in the thumb while trying to protect his pet dog, Maggie.

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