Video claiming Bradley Cooper peed himself on stage at the Grammys fooled A LOT of people

A Star is Born actors Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga co-starred in A Star Is Born. Pic credit:

A video was posted on Twitter recently with a caption that falsely suggested that actor Bradley Cooper peed himself at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

The video, which emerged on Twitter on Sunday, January 26, actually shows a scene from the 2018 musical drama film A Star Is Born in which Cooper starred as the alcoholic singer Jackson Maine, alongside Lady Gaga, who played Ally.

In the movie scene, Cooper’s character, Jackson, peed himself while on stage.

The viral post showing the movie scene was uploaded to Twitter on Sunday by user Kev (@kubr1cks), with a caption that read:

“BREAKING: Bradley Cooper just PEED himself at the #GRAMMYs”

The clip shows Cooper’s character, Jackson, swaying drunkenly on the stage while Gaga’s character, Ally, addressed the audience. He then begins to wet his pants.

When Ally noticed that Jackson was urinating on himself, she awkwardly tries to cover him with her dress.

The YouTube video below also shows the entire sequence from A Star Is Born that leads to the moment when Jackson Maine peed himself and passed out while on stage with Ally who was receiving an award.

Many thought Bradley Cooper peed himself at the Grammys

The movie clip went viral after Twitter user Kev uploaded it to the social media platform on Sunday. Many Twitter users were fooled into believing that it showed Cooper peeing himself at the 2020 Grammys.

Cooper did not pee himself, the clip is from A Star is Born

Other Twitter users immediately pointed out that the clip was taken from A Star Is born and not from the 2020 Grammy Awards. Several Twitter users also noted that Cooper and Lady Gaga did not attend the 2020 Grammy Awards ceremony, although they won the award for best soundtrack for A Star Is Born.

Twitter user Kev, who uploaded the video, later responded to comments by Twitter users who were pointing out to him that the viral video was a scene from A Star Is Born.

Kev, who describes himself on his Twitter page as a “low budget patrick bateman,” a reference to the mentally unstable character from the 2000 psychological horror movie American Psycho, said he woke up to find several comments by Twitter users reprimanding him for misleading people.

“the amount of ‘you’re dumb!’ and ‘watch more movies’ comments i woke up to is so funny to me.”

Cooper and Gaga did not attend the 2020 Grammys

Although it was not clear why Cooper did not attend the 2020 Grammys, it is widely believed that Gaga did not attend because she was busy preparing for her upcoming Super Saturday Night performance.

Gaga will perform on Super Saturday Night (February 1) in Miami, ahead of Super Bowl LIV on Sunday.

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