Up-and-coming rapper Tripple Beanz killed in New Jersey

Tripple Beanz performs atrack on Instagram
Tripple Beanz was killed in New Jersey at the weekend. Pic credit: @tripplebeanz/Instagram

Up-and-coming rapper Tripple Beanz has been killed in New Jersey.

The musician, whose name sometimes spelled as Triple Beanz, was reportedly shot dead by two masked men in broad daylight as he went to get into his car in Newark.

His booking company DFG Recording Studio confirmed the tragic news of his death on their Instagram feed. They posted a montage of pictures of Beans and wrote: “So lost for words… ?Our hearts are hurting bad here at DFG ??Beanz man.”

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They paid further tribute to him by stating that he “was a superstar in the making.”

They also described him as “family” and said he’d been working hard to turn his life around. He worked hard and had “so much talent,” they continued.

DFG finished its tribute by stating that his legacy and music will live forever: “Tripple Beanz, we love you, man and your legacy will forever live on through us and your music.”

There is unconfirmed CCTV footage of the shooting circulating on social media. It shows an individual, said to be Tripple Beanz, exiting a building and approaching the driver’s side of a vehicle.

Two masked men approach him from a waiting vehicle across the street and shoot him at close range. They continue firing as their target lies on the ground before quickly fleeing the scene.

Tributes are pouring in for Tripple Beanz

Tripple Beanz posted part of a track to his Instagram three days ago, and since hearing the news about his death fans have been leaving their tributes and condolences in the comments along with their praises for the tune. Fellow rapper Hocus 45th wrote, “Damn this song was hard too.. R.I.P?”

Another fan wrote, ” damn bro … I was watching u rise to the top … RIP. ?”

On Twitter, one fan wrote: “Tripple Beanz didn’t deserve that rest well king.”

Tweet says Tripple Beanz didn't deserve to be shot
Pic credit: @jh46__/Twitter

Other fans decried the brazenness of the attack happening in broad daylight and referenced the high numbers of rappers who’ve been murdered recently.

Fan tweets shock at killing
Pic credit: @dennkushh/Twitter

Several rappers have been shot recently

And another fan wrote: “Are rappers cursed? Could this been prevented? Where was his HOMIES.”

Tweeter wonders if shooting could be prevented
Pic credit: @dretrackz/Twitter

Rest in peace, Tripple Beanz.

There has been a spate of shootings recently where the lives of rappers have been claimed. King Von was recently murdered outside an Atlanta, Georgia, nightclub, reportedly by members of a rival crew. He was killed during a shootout in which several cops were involved.

Rapper Mo3 was also shot dead earlier this month on a Dallas, Texas, highway; he was reportedly chased onto the road by a masked gunman. Gunmen also attacked Boosie Badazz in Dallas just hours after he had attended a memorial for Mo3.

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