Tom Segura’s leg injury: Here’s what happened after accident left him hurt

Tom Segura on Instagram
Tom Segura has been explaining on Twitter how he broke his bones. Pic credit: @seguratom/Instagram

Fans of Tom Segura were left worried this week after the comedian posted a series of Twitter and Instagram posts following an accident that left him badly injured.

The 41-year-old first tweeted on December 2 that he had injured himself the previous day and had suffered “multiple broken bones.” He said, “I can’t move,” as he confirmed he was canceling upcoming tour dates for Phoenix.

Over the next few days, Segura gradually told fans what had happened in a series of tweets that he posted in dribs and drabs over the week.

And he says there’s even a video of the accident, which he promises he’ll release once he’s back in the studio.

In the meantime, he said on Instagram that he’s doing better: “I’m moving along in recovery. These are just the issues one has when you’re really really really strong,” he joked.

Segura certainly seems to be in good spirits as he’s spent all week joking about the incident.


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Tom Segura injured playing basketball with Bert Kreischer

Apparently, Segura injured himself while playing basketball with fellow comedian Bert Kreischer. He responded to fans’ questions with tweets admitting that he had been playing with Kreischer and that he had been attempting a slamdunk.

On Saturday, Segura wrote: “I know it sounds crazy but it really happened… dunking.”

Segura explains that he was dunking
Pic credit: @tomsegura/Twitter

He then posted a gif of a professional basketball player performing a dunk and wrote: “I was basically doing this.” We shall have to wait for that video to see if he’s telling the truth.

Tom Segura injured his left arm and leg while slam dunking

He seems to have badly injured his left arm and his left leg. He posted a pic of his arm, which had a long gash on it but was heavily stitched. He asked fans for tattoo suggestions to cover up the inevitable scar: “OK guys I need ideas for tattoos to cover this thing up. this is my upper left arm by the way.”

Yesterday, in response to a fan’s question about what happened to his leg, Segura told them that he tore his patella tendon. This tendon is located just below the knee cap and, simply put, holds the kneecap in place. Ouch!

Segura explains leg injury
Pic credit: @tomsegura/Twitter

Fellow comedian and Tom’s wife, Christina Pazsitzky, recorded a video on Instagram with Segura. She said it had been a “stressful few days for the Segura family,” but that it seemed like Tom is now on the way to recovery. She also wrote, “Thankfully, we are on the other side of this freak accident.”

Fingers crossed, Tom Segura makes a full recovery.

Tom Segura said he broke multiple bones
Pic credit: @tomsegura/Twitter

This year a number of old celebrity injuries have hit the news. In February, Johnny Depp’s finger became famous when news emerged that ex-wife Amber Heard had injured the actor’s digit after throwing objects at him while in a fit of rage.

And in June, we learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger severely injured his wrist in an explosion while filming Total Recall back in 1990.

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