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TikTok’s ‘Willy Wonka’ apologizes after getting cancelled for video of him speaking Spanish

tiktok star willy wonka apologizes for spanish video
TikTok star Willy Wonka recently apologized for a video in which he speaks Spanish. Pic credit: Willy Wonka Tiktok/Duke Depp/YouTube

A popular TikTok star known for his Willy Wonka spoof character went into apology mode following a recent video clip that many people deemed offensive.

Duke Depp, who plays the character Willy Wonka in various videos on the social media platform, released a short clip in which he speaks Spanish while in costume.

The TikTok video not only led to Depp’s apology but also many social media users either calling for his cancelation or indicating he has been canceled.

TikTok’s Willy Wonka released video some deem offensive

The latest TikTok video (shown below) that led several social media users to call for the cancelation of an internet star features Duke Depp as his Willy Wonka character replying to a fan question.

“Can Mr. Wonka speak Spanish?” the fan question asks.

Depp, dressed as a spoof of Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka, speaks a little Spanish in the clip.

In the video, he says, “Hola, soy Willy Wonka..huh, see?” with the song Un Poco Loco (From Coco) playing in the background as he dips a nacho in some salsa and eats it.

Depp’s Willy Wonka Tik Tok account currently has over 14 million followers. He regularly posts funny videos in which he’s dressed as the character dancing or doing other goofy activities.

However, the latest video clearly offended a good number of people disturbed by cultural stereotypes.

Depp issues apology for Willy Wonka speaking Spanish

Recently, the young man known as Duke Depp issued an apology regarding the TikTok video where spoke Spanish while dressed as the Willy Wonka character.

“Hey guys, I just want to come on here and apologize for a TikTok video that I made a few days ago that was ‘Willy Wonka’ speaking Spanish,” he said in his Instagram Story video on Thursday.

“The video was totally uncalled for, and I’m so sorry to anyone I offended or anyone I stereotyped inside the video. That was not the intention of the video at all, and I truly am so sorry,” Depp ended the apology with.

Depp’s apology as Willy Wonka has since been uploaded to a YouTube account claiming the apology was “half baked” in the title.

In addition to posting his apology in a video, Depp also apologized on his Twitter account, which currently has over 72,000 followers.

“I am so sorry about my ‘spanish speaking video’ on TikTok. Looking back on the video now, I absolutely understand why the video was wrong. To anyone who I hurt with the video, I apologize, and I promise to be better,” he tweeted.

willy wonka twitter apology
Duke Depp issues Willy Wonka Twitter apology. Pic credit: @WonkaTikTok/Twitter

Social media sounds off on Wonka cancelation

While Duke Depp apologized for his “Spanish speaking video,” many social media users indicate he’s been canceled or are calling for his cancelation.

In a new dance video that he shared on his Willy Wonka TikTok one day ago, many of the comments are about him speaking Spanish and people wanting him canceled.

“Y’all are cancelling him for saying ‘Hola’ and eating chips and salsa?? As a half Hispanic, Y’all are overdramatic,” one TikTok commenter says in all caps.

“Y’all literally find anything to cancel people. You kids are so soft,” another user says.

“Once again if you’re not hispanic this is not your decision to find this offensive or not,” another TikTok comment says in all caps.

On Twitter, comments range from confusion as to why Willy Wonka is canceled to those asking what he did to get canceled. Others present their perspective on the difference in opinions.

twitter willy wonka comment
Pic credit: @BWlFU/Twitter

Others show their support for him and claim people are too sensitive, while many believe he should be canceled over his video.

willy wonka cancel tweet
Pic credit: @jaetaros/Twitter

As of this report, both the Duke Depp and Willy Wonka TikTok accounts are still active along with his other social media sites.

Still, it appears this topic is creating plenty of heated debates across those channels as to whether or not he should officially be canceled for his video.

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