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TikTok star Justine Paradise responds on Instagram to Jake Paul sexual assault denial

Justine Paradise
TikTok’s Justine Paradise has more to say against Jake Paul following his denial of sexual assault. Pic credit: @justineparadise/Twitter

Since TikTok’s Justine Paradise accused YouTube star Jake Paul of sexual assault last week, Jake Paul has vigorously denied all claims.

On Friday, April 9, Justine uploaded a 20-minute YouTube video where she described how Jake allegedly forced her to perform a sex act at his house back in 2019.

The allegations come days before Jake is set to take on UFC fighter Ben Askren in their third fight on Saturday. Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg will also be performing at the star-studded event.

This week, Jake addressed the allegations in a lengthy statement on Twitter, and branded the claims as “a blatant attempt for attention during a highly visible fight week.”

Justine Paradise responded in a series of social media posts

Justine responded in a series of posts on her Instagram Stories.

“And his response was to say I’m speaking out for Amazon wishlist gifts,” she wrote alongside a screenshot of Jake’s statement on Twitter.

In the photo, Justine circled an excerpt of Jake’s post which read, “Again, this individual is directly using the attention from her social media posts and video to promote her adult content website and Amazon shopping list – designed for people to buy her gifts. These allegations come conveniently for her, almost 2 years after the alleged incident and the week of my fight (of course).”

Justine Paradise Jake Paul
Justine Paradise responds to Jake Paul’s Twitter post Pic credit: @justineparadise/Instagram

In a follow-up post, Justine went on to explain, “I wasn’t even aware that I still had an Amazon wishlist. I just checked and there were literally 6 items on it. I am not looking for gifts or money. I made it very clear that all I wanted from him was an apology. And for him to stop doing this to people.”

She added, “Why would I be doing this for gifts but only have 6 things on there?? Make it make sense.”

Justine Paradise Jake Paul
Justine responds to Jake’s Twitter post Pic credit: @justineparadise/Instagram

Justine went on to claim that another person, who she said was a minor, “came forward” to her about Jake, and she encouraged others to speak out as well.

“A MINOR came forward to me about Jake Paul,” she wrote, “Apparently I’m not the only one, so if you experienced something similar with him please let me know.”

“We deserve better.” the TikTok star added.

Justine Paradise Jake Paul
Pic credit: @justineparadise/Instagram

Justine Paradise slams Keemstar after claims he said ‘it’s impossible to be assaulted orally’

Justine also called out fellow social media star Keemstar, who she accused of saying it’s “impossible to be assaulted orally” in a video he put out regarding the allegations.

Speaking to the camera, Justine said in a video on her Instagram story, “On Twitter, Keemstar literally put out a video regarding the assault, saying that it is impossible to be assaulted orally.

“Not just that he doesn’t believe me, but that for anyone it is impossible because all you have to do is turn your head away. With that logic wouldn’t nobody be raped because you have to close your legs? Are you kidding me?”

It didn’t take long for Keemstar to respond, as he wrote on Twitter, “Jake Paul Accuser has put out a new video claiming I said, ‘it was impossible to be assaulted orally.'”

“This is FALSE!” he continued, “I never made such a statement! I have notified my legal team.”

However, Justine was quick to clap back at Keemstar as she replied on Twitter, “I was referring to when you said ‘I don’t think that’s possible, can’t you just get away,’ and demonstrated turning your head.”

Justine Paradise Jake Paul Keemstar
Keemstar reacts to Justine’s accusations Pic credit: @justineparadise/Twitter

So what did Keemstar actually say? You can watch the video in full on his Twitter, but be warned it contains explicit language.

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