This LeBron James ‘torn BDH injury’ story really fooled people on April 1

LeBron James on the red carpet
Don’t panic Lakers fans, LeBron James isn’t actually out for 12 months. Pic credit: ©

Basketball fans worldwide found themselves on the wrong end of an April Fool prank when an article circulated yesterday stating that LA Lakers’ star player LeBron James was out for a year with an unusual injury.

The article appeared totally legitimate — at least to start with — and fooled numerous basketball and Lakers fans, many of whom took to social media to admit they’d been tricked.

In the now-deleted article, Clutch Points put the fear into all Lakers supporters when they published the heading ‘LeBron James out for the season with a torn BDH.’

The article stated that the “timetable for a return from a torn BDH is truly insane” and that the basketball legend was expected to be out for a whopping 12 months. They also pointed out how this news would delight the fans of the LA Clippers and the Brooklyn Nets.

Those who read to the end soon realized it was a joke, especially as the last paragraph actually stated as much.

Fans were really taken in by LeBron James’s ‘torn BDH’ prank

Social media was soon awash with people retweeting the story with exclamations of shock and concern — and a lot of shocked emojis too.

One fan wrote: “Wait Lebron’s out for the season with a BDH injury??? No way..”

Tweeter says no way LeBron is out
Pic credit: @SpaceLeafz/Twitter

Lots of folks also retweeted the story, seemingly in earnest.

James out for the season retweet
Pic credit: @mygpr/Twitter

Another Twitter user told how their boyfriend had come “scrambling into the room freaking out that ‘LeBron is out for 12 months because of something called BDH'” before suddenly realizing it was April Fool’s Day.

Twitter user says bf was fooled by LeBron James joke
Pic credit: @katenewton18/Twitter

One fan said they’d forgotten that it was April Fool’s Day so were super surprised when they learned what BDH stood for.

Tweet about the LeBron James BDH injury April Fool's Day prank
Pic credit: @ohhhsayless/Twitter

What is the meaning of ‘BDH’?

The article tried to explain the meaning of “BDH” in a roundabout kinda way. It’s a bit rude and refers to a part of the body that only male members of our human species have. This body part tends to vary in size between men and would be super painful if “torn,” particularly if it was Big or Hanging.

If you’re still struggling to work out exactly what BDH stands for then, we suggest you check out this cached version of the original story from Clutch Points.

Also, in the news this morning, fans were shocked to learn this week that actor Millie Bobby Brown has never seen a Marvel, DC, or Harry Potter movie in all her life. So shocking it could have made one wonder if that was an April Fool joke, as well!

Speaking of pranks, have you ever wondered about the host and show actor on Netflix’s Prank Encounters? Well, this morning, we’ve written all you need to know about Gaten Matarazzo and Henry Dittman.

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