Survivor releases new video featuring Charlie Davis in Fiji as he thanks the fans and talks about his experience

Charlie Davis Fiji Survivor
Survivor 46 featured a huge Taylor Swift fan in Charlie Davis. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new Survivor 46 video features Charlie Davis talking about getting “so, so close” to winning that $1 million prize.

Charlie notes how proud of his game he was and how much fun he had playing the game.

The video was recorded in Fiji after Survivor 46 completed filming, with Charlie enjoying some time at Ponderosa with the rest of the final players.

Charlie, Kenzie Petty, and Ben Katzman spent a few days with the Survivor 46 jury after the winner was revealed, and this unique footage is fun to see.

As fans already know, Kenzie beat Charlie in a close jury vote to win the season, but Charlie still has an upbeat attitude about his experience.

Rather than taking a bitter approach after coming so close to winning, Charlie earned more fans due to his optimistic outlook on the situation.

Charlie Davis reacts to being the Survivor 46 runner-up

“Long live all the magic he made!✨ Hear from our runner-up and @taylorswift aficionado Charlie, who will never go out of style! #Survivor,” reads the caption to a fun new video from the show.

The video below begins with Charlie speaking about finishing as the runner-up and being proud of his game.

We then get to see a quick clip of the final three enjoying some time together at Ponderosa without the stress of the game.

Several jury members then join Charlie on the screen to share that they are one big “family” now.

The best part of the video is when Charlie speaks about how people should apply to play future seasons and how much he enjoyed playing the game.

Survivor fans continue to support Charlie

Many Survivor fans have commented on the post to share their thoughts with Charlie.

“Maria owes you $1M,” wrote one fan who is still upset that Charlie’s biggest ally in the game voted for Kenzie to win.

“Charlie didn’t win the money but he won for class and kindness.. you can’t buy that.. your family must be so proud of you,” another very supportive fan said.

“Charlie had the best game play. He deserved to win,” stated one fan.

There were many questions for Charlie about his relationship with Charlie, including fans wondering if he could ever speak to Maria again.

“My question to Charlie would be: can you actually ever talk to Maria again? I was a huge fan and wanted either of to win but her vote can’t be respected. I know we should forgive but that one would be hard,” a fan asked.

Charlie Survivor Fans
Charlie has many Survivor fans. Pic credit: @SurvivorCBS/Instagram

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