Steven Ogg death hoax: Actor best known as Trevor in GTA is not dead

Steven Ogg
Actor Steven Ogg, best known as Trevor in GTA, is still alive after rumors suggest that he passed away. Pic credit Steven Ogg/Instagram

Steven Ogg, who is best known for his role as Trevor Phillips in Grand Theft Auto V, is subject to a death hoax. While the origin of the hoax is unclear, there is a persistent rumor that the 46-year-old actor passed away but he is still alive. Although most of Ogg’s social media has been inactive for over a year, he has been updating his Instagram.

A recent Instagram update shows the actor, who also starred as Simon in the Walking Dead at what appears to be a run-down motel with an interesting caption that includes the following:

“A small town clarinetist, Vivian had tripped on the platform in the bowling alley she performed in nightly. The clarinet lodged in, but Waylon was right there to lodge it back out. As thanks, Vivian bequeathed her run down motel named LOVE. With a renewed sense of purpose, Waylon once again had hope that his life just might turn around for the better.”

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The origin of the death hoax is unclear, most tend to go viral on social media platforms while other hoaxes or rumors are spread via e-mail or blogs. The prolific TV actor, who currently stars in Snowpiecer has not addressed the rumor that he has died.

Will Steven Ogg play Trevor on GTA 6?

Despite appearing in major TV roles, Steven Ogg is best known for playing Trevor Phillips due to the popularity of the game, which has sold over 130 million copies since its release. Many fans will be surprised to know that Ogg does not play the game and he has no idea if he will appear in the highly anticipated installment to the Rockstar franchise.

In an interview with Looper, Ogg was asked about his potential role as Trevor in GTA 6 to which he responded the following: “I didn’t follow the video games. I don’t know what they do, so I’m still not in that world. I have no idea. I don’t think they bring characters back ever; they all seem to be one-offs.”

In the interview, Ogg was also asked if it bothered him that he is best known for playing Trevor in GTA despite his television career. Ogg said he is proud of his work on GTA and compared his association to Trevor to Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker.

“It’s sort of like, Mark Hamill is forever Luke Skywalker. I might forever have this Trevor Grand Theft Auto thing — which listen, I’m proud of it. It doesn’t bug me because it was work I enjoyed.”

Steven Ogg appears to be alive and well despite the rumor that he has passed away.

He currently plays Pike in TNT series Snowpiecer — the second season is expected to be released next year as most of the production was complete before the Covid-19 lockdown.

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John adam
John adam
2 years ago

I met him at a comic con a couple of years back and he was the nicest guy!
Unlike other celebrities who sat behind a desk signing away, Steven Ogg was out in front shaking hands, talking to people, he even took my phone and did a couple of selfies with me and my wife.
Straight up the best experience, I’ve had with a celeb