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Sham Ibrahim makes a cameo on Judge Steve Harvey and steals the show

Lady Sham Ibrahim on Judge Steve Harvey
Lady Sham stole the show on Judge Steve Harvey. Pic credit: ABC

Steve Harvey is the newest TV judge and if you haven’t seen his new show yet, it’s time to get watching. Especially the latest episode titled Let’s Not Drag Me Into This, where one drag queen named Heklina accuses another, Pippi Lovestocking, of not returning clothes.

As the two queens battle over who owes who, a familiar face is called to the witness stand to speak in defense of the defense and it’s none other than our favorite pop artist Sham Ibrahim.

Lady Sham steals the show with a big entrance

Lady Sham entered the courtroom in a silky, cobalt blue pantsuit, a sparkly diamond necklace and matching earrings, and enough attitude to set the entire courtroom ablaze.

Taking the stand like a pro, Lady Sham quickly took aim at Heklina, calling out the popular San Francisco drag queen for backstabbing.

“It’s the drag queen mafia!” Lady Sham exclaimed before pointing over to Heklina, who was not in drag at the time, adding, “And she’s the godfather!”

Lady Sham enters the court room on Judge Steve Harvey
Lady Sham enters the court room on Judge Steve Harvey. Pic credit: ABC

As if that wasn’t fabulous enough, Lady Sham made sure her exit was just as incredible as her entrance, leaving the courtroom with flourish. But just before she reached the courtroom doors, Lady Sham turned around, pointed back at Judge Steve Harvey and exclaimed, “I hope to see justice today!”


Lady Sham on Judge Steve Harvey
Lady Sham wants to make sure justice is served up hot. Pic credit: ABC

According to Lady Sham, justice was not served on Judge Steve Harvey

Just five episodes into the first season and it’s pretty clear that Harvey’s show is less about law and, as he recently put it, more about his feelings.

Drag queens Heklina and Pippi Lovestocking battle over dresses on Judge Steve Harvey
Heklina (left) was suing to recover the cost of dresses that were loaned to Pippi Lovestocking (right.) Pic credit: ABC

And on that day, everyone was a winner, with Judge Steve Harvey awarding enough money to Pippi Lovestocking to pay back Heklina for the dresses, which she believed were hand-me-downs that were hers to keep in the first place, and pocket an extra $2,000.

Monsters & Critics reached out to Sham to ask about the experience and the verict, which she said Steve Harvey didn’t get right.

According to Lady Sham, Heklina and Pippi have known each other for roughly 30 years and in all of that time, have been feuding for most of it. She said, “The issue with the dresses was just one out of a million and they needed to go to court.”

“For the record, I do not agree with that verdict. As much as I love Steve Harvey, Heklina should not have gotten a dime,” Lady Sham said about the recent court battle.

This isn’t Lady Sham’s first time on TV either. She made a big impression on Vivica A. Fox during an episode of Face the Truth. She also famously smoked a blunt with Snoop Dogg at the KROQ weenie roast, where the West Coast rapper shared his wishes for a happy Gay Pride.

Judge Steve Harvey airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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  1. This is like a clown. The court was serious and then this walks in. Yes, Lady Sham was funny but with that clown look no one is taking her testimony seriously.


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