Sarah Jessica Parker shares Sex and the City reboot set photos but fans can’t stop talking about Kim Cattrall

Image of Kim Cattrall and set photo from Sex and the City reboot.
Sarah Jessica Parker shared multiple photos of the Sex and the City reboot. Pic credit: Warner Bros. and @sarahjessicaparker/Instagram

Pour yourself a big cosmo — Sarah Jessica Parker has shared that Sex and the City is officially back. The actor and designer took to Instagram to share multiple behind-the-scenes images of the upcoming HBO reboot which is a 10-episode limited series titled And Just Like That….

Sex and the City is a romantic comedy that famously aired between the years 1998 and 2004. It starred Sarah Jessica Parker as the lead character and narrator, Carrie Bradshaw. Each episode was decked with stylish outfits and drama-filled adventures featuring Bradshaw and her closest companions.

Upon the announcement of the show’s HBO Max revival starring the original cast, fans were instantly displeased that actor Kim Cattrall would not be returning to reprise her Golden Globe Award-winning role as Samantha Jones.

Sarah Jessica Parker shares set photos

This week, Parker took to Instagram to document her experience returning to the Sex and the City set. She posted images of the first episode’s script, the hair department and her on-set snacks.

In one post, she shared all of her trailer must-haves, bringing along three books to keep her company. The three books were Happy All The Time by Laurie Colwin, Crying In H Mart by Michelle Zauner and Mayflies by Andrew O’Hagan.

Parker wrote, “Must haves. Trailer/dressing room/tote bag haul. In preparation for 1st day of shooting @justlikethatmax. Somewhere on the island of Manhattan. Tomorrow. Always bringing enough to share.”

Parker also shared a flattering image of her sandwiched between her two returning costars, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. The trio was dressed to the nines while walking on a busy New York City street.

While the comment sections of her posts are littered with fans cheering them on and praising their effortless looks, many have flocked to Twitter to share a different message.

Moments later, the name “Samantha” began trending on the social media platform along with the message, “Sex and the City fans comment on Samatha Jones’ absence after HBO Max shared a first look at the reboot of the iconic series.”

Fans are looking for Kim Cattrall

Sex and the City fans have known since the reboot’s conception that Kim Cattrall was not going to be participating. Back in November 2020, a source told E! News, “Kim never wanted to really do the movie, to begin with. It was a combination of not-great money and a bad storyline for Samantha. It was a bad script.”

However, it seems as though fans didn’t prepare themselves for the big Samantha-less reveal. One fan tweeted, “The ‘Sex and the City’ revisit officially began filming today. This pic just doesn’t hit the same without Kim Cattrall as the iconic Samantha Jones.”

Another wrote, “I’m sorry but what is Sex and the City without Samantha?”

Comedically suggesting an improbable crossover, podcast host Tom Brennan tweeted, “I really hope they reveal Sex and the City is set in the MCU and that Samantha was killed in the snap.”

“And Just Like That…” fans made it clear to HBO Max that they have doubts about this upcoming reboot. Hopefully, the show’s writing team is able to account for all of the pizazz that will be missing without Cattrall’s Samantha Jones.

And Just Like That… does not have a release date for its HBO Max release.

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