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Sandra Oh says Grey’s Anatomy fame made her physically sick

Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh was overwhelmed by the fame after joining Grey’s Anatomy. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Sandra Oh has revealed that the fame she got from her role on Grey’s Anatomy had a huge impact on her physical wellbeing.

Whilst the actress, 50, has played the hit roles of Rita Wu on Arliss and Eve on Killing Eve, she’s also known for starring in Grey’s Anatomy, where she played the role of Dr. Cristina Yang.

Sandra Oh said her life changed after Grey’s Anatomy

Speaking to Squid Game’s Jung Ho-Yeon on Variety’s Actors on Actors series, Sandra said: “My life changed very much. And it’s tricky to imagine, because this is almost 20 years ago, so the context is very different, the stress is the same — or the confusion is the same.”

She continued, “And I think that’s why my question to you is, how are you taking care of yourself? Because I feel like, honestly, I got sick. I think my whole body was very, very sick. Even though you keep on working, right?”

She added: “It’s just like, ‘Oh, I can’t sleep. Oh, my back hurts. I don’t know what’s wrong with my skin.’ I learned that I had to take care of my health first. But that’s not only your body, right? That is your soul.”

Sandra finished, “That is definitely your mind. You know what I mean? Because you can’t ultimately depend on anyone else. You have to somehow find it within yourself.”

Sandra Oh is now able to cope with the fame by promising self care

Explaining how she now prioritises self care, Sandra said: “And now, as I’m deeper into my career, the more time I realize that I have to spend with my creative self: That could be sleeping, that could be walking in the woods, that could be meditating, that could be actually going to class, that could be all those things.”

She continued, “Because I realize that part sustains all the — almost the immediacy, the ability to be present.”

Dr. Yang on Grey's Anatomy
Sandra Oh played the role of Dr. Christina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy. Pic credit: ABC

Sandra’s character Dr. Yang last appeared on Grey’s Anatomy in 2014 after 10 seasons.

Sandra Oh’s last day on set at Grey’s Anatomy

Speaking about her final day on set, the Killing Eve actress told The Hollywood Reporter: “I will say, my last day, people asked if I was going to be sad. I didn’t know. But by the end of the day — which ended up being late since we shot late — Kevin [McKidd] threw me this little party.”

She continued: “There was lots of celebration because the party was myself, [co-showrunners] Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, who [both also] left. Gaius Charles [Shane] and Tessa Ferrer [Leah] had left earlier that week. The party was joyous for me — the whole day was. I was so excited to come to work. I came in early, which I never do, and hung out.”

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