Sam Asghari claps back at claims he controls Britney Spears

Sam Asghari attends the 2019 Daytime Beauty Awards
Sam Asghari responded to fan accusations that he controls his wife, Britney Spears. Pic credit: ©

Sam Asghari, once more, responded to and denied the fan theory that he has been controlling his wife, Britney Spears. Though he previously addressed the rumors via an Instagram Story, he clapped back at them again on Friday during an interview.

Conspiracy theories have been running rampant recently, as social media users began claiming that, after being freed from her conservatorship, Spears was now being controlled by Asghari.

While out in Los Angeles, California, on Friday, Asghari was asked about the rumors. He responded with a flat “No,” adamantly denying the persistent rumors.

Furthermore, he went on to say that he controls no aspects of Spears’ life at all. He stated, “I don’t even control what we have for dinner.”

However, he did also concede that he understood where the theories were coming from due to the past. He said, “You know, in the past, there has been a lot of stuff going on, so I understand where [fans are] coming from.”

He also added a sentiment he had expressed earlier, which was that he believed the fans spreading rumors were just being protective of Spears. Asghari went as far as to call them “good fans.”

Sam Asghari addressed the rumors before

This is the second time Asghari has addressed rumors that he controls Spears. He addressed them earlier this month after #WheresBritney started trending on social media as fans demanded to know why she deleted her Instagram and had been staying away from public events.

In a multi-part Instagram Story, Asghari responded to the conspiracy theories. He started by, once again, commending Spears’ fans for being so protective over her and caring about her well-being.

However, he also noted that there was such a thing as being overprotective and that the fans could do more harm them good if they got carried away.

Sam Asghari's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @samasghari/Instagram

He also went on to explain why Spears was sometimes absent from social media and public events. Asghari explained that social media could be very traumatic given what Spears has gone through and that it is good for her to sometimes give herself a break from it.

Sam Asghari's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @samasghari/Instagram

Additionally, given that Spears has been in the spotlight since she was a child, she just isn’t interested in attending public events anymore. Asghari reiterated that he was just respecting her privacy and was not controlling her.

Sam Asghari's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @samasghari/Instagram

Even though Asghari had already responded to the rumors, they were so widespread that it isn’t surprising he is still being peppered with questions about his alleged control of Spears.

Why do fans think Asghari is controlling Britney Spears?

The rumor of Asghari controlling Spears first arose after Spears’ birthday. Fans became alarmed after she made a suspicious social media post dedicated to her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

Spears and Jamie Lynn have not historically been on good terms, with Spears even calling her sister “scum.” Hence, the post expressing her love for her sister seemed very out of character.

The post was later deleted, followed by Spears deactivating her entire Instagram account without notice. The odd series of events led fans to begin speculating that someone was controlling Spears’ social media.

Fans are concerned about Britney Spears
Pic credit: @summerbham15/Twitter

Fans then honed in on Asghari after Spears shared a now-deleted TikTok of him singing “Happy Birthday” to her. Conspiracy theorists claimed it didn’t sound like Spears’ voice or that she sounded submissive to Asghari.

Other users also began to question when Spears was last physically seen, as she hasn’t done interviews or made public appearances lately.


#stitch with @fleegus159_barb This woman has literally never been free. She’s either already gone or being held somewhere. This feels like a criminal minds episode. #freebritney #britneysnotfree #britneyspears

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However, things seem to have settled down now that Asghari has denied the rumors, and Spears reactivated her Instagram and began posting again. She has opted not to respond to the rumors publicly, though.

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