Britney Spears makes a confession about nuts amid speculation she’s not the one posting

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Britney Spears pictured at the Smurfs 2 movie premiere at the Village Theater. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears wrote about nuts in a cryptic statement after fans speculated that she is still not free of her conservatorship.

The pop star recently celebrated her 41st birthday and surprised many observers by reaching out to her children and estranged sister, Jamie Lynn, with a loving tribute.

She deactivated her Instagram after the posts but returned with some bizarre sentiments, leading some spectators to believe she is not controlling her social media account.

However, Britney’s husband, Sam Asghari, took to his Instagram Stories on Wednesday night to explain why his wife has been absent from social media.

He described social media as sometimes traumatizing and suggested that she was taking a break. In addition, he reassured fans that Britney is free and asked that they respect her privacy.

In a recent post, Britney appears to be poking fun at those who are concerned about her mental health with a throwback photo in which she is pictured eating nuts.

In the caption, she added, “Something’s never change … I eat nuts everyday of my life ? !!!! Psss I have nuts beside my bed as we speak ??? !!! I think this was 2003 or 2004 … who knows ???”

Britney Spears blast fast food employee for showing her ‘pity’

In a lengthy Instagram statement on another post, Britney talks about her newfound love for meditation before putting a Jack in the Box employee on blast.

The singer opened up about her sensitivity to stress and recently breaking down crying in her car. 

“Normally I forget to eat … I wait way too long and I’m too sensitive so if anything goes wrong at the house it’s like the world has ended. So l got in my car yesterday and I cried,” she wrote.

Spears then opened up about her first visit to Jack in the Box drive-thru and ripped into an employee who showed concern for her wellbeing after he noticed she had been crying.

In the post, Britney claims her face looked normal after sobbing before adding, “this big man at the f***ing window?… he gave me PITY !!! IT’S GONNA BE OK !!! …………… WTF DID HE JUST SAY ??? He doesn’t KNOW ME and I sure as hell didn’t know his a** … so why did he say that ???” she wrote, continuing:

“It’s all gonna be ok !!! I was offended. F*** you stupid man at Jack in The Box. You don’t know me … you’re not my blood so go f*** yourself !!!”

Britney Spears shares her ‘first time at a bar’

Britney claims to have visited a bar for the first time in a throwback post during her vacation in Maui.

In the caption, the singer said she hadn’t had an alcoholic beverage in 15 years and hated it due to bloating and its depressive effects.

In the Instagram post, she shared photos and videos with friends and her husband Sam before dropping another dance video in the last slide.

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