Rebel Wilson blasts Mayr Method diet claims after epic slimdown

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson denies using the Mayr Method diet plan and lets fans know she doesn’t promote diet pills or “magic weight loss pills.” Pic credit: © Pope/Landmark Media

Actress Rebel Wilson has been working on herself and achieved massive weight loss over the past couple of years. The actress declared 2020 would be the year she started working toward a healthier version of herself, and as far as onlookers are concerned, the actress has succeeded.

However, when someone as famous as Rebel has such success, many people may want to take credit for the weight loss. There have been claims circulating that Rebel used the Mayr Method diet to achieve her weight loss.

Many fans believed that through this diet method and a lot of exercises, Rebel was able to achieve her goals. However, the actress has come forward to let people know that is not the case.

Revel Wilson says she has not used Mayr Method diet

Rebel Wilson took to her Instagram stories to warn fans not to fall for lies and scams regarding her diet and weight loss.

She shared a picture of a news article claiming that she used the Mayr Method to slim down, but the actress shared that this wasn’t the case.

She wrote, “This was NEVER my diet, please stop writing this stuff,” over the screenshot of the article.

Rebel Wilson Instagram Story says she has never used the Mayr Method
Pic credit: @rebelwilson/Instagram

According to Healthline, the Mayr Method has been around for almost 100 years and is considered a fast and easy way to lose weight.

The diet plan was developed in the 1920s and focused on removing certain foods from your diet to promote and enhance your digestive tract and “incorporating mindful eating practices such as chewing food thoroughly and avoiding distractions while eating.”

However, although some have certainly used the method, Rebel Wilson is not a Mayr Method diet plan promoter. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing the actress has had to deny promoting when it comes to her weight loss.

Rebel Wilson tells fans she has ‘never endorsed’ diet or weight loss pills

In a second post on her Instagram story, Rebel Wilson let fans know that she has “NEVER endorsed any diet pills or metic weight loss pills or crypto currency.”

She advised fans to report claims they see as a scam. She urged them, “do not send it to me as a DM – report it on the social media site you see it on when you see it.”

She continued, “If I’m endorsing something you’ll see it only as official posts on my official and verified social media.”

Rebel Wilson lets fans know she does not endorse cryptocurrency, diet pills, or magic weight loss pills on Instagram Story.
Pic credit: @rebelwilson/Instagram

To close out her statements, she thanked her fans and said, “It’s really annoying when people use my image unlawfully or in misleading ways. Do NOT want anyone to get scammed. Love you guys xoxo.”

Rebel Wilson thanks fans and advises she doesn't want anyone to get scammed and it's annoying when her image is used misleadingly or unlawfully.
Pic credit: @rebelwilson/Instagram

Although Rebel Wilson hasn’t released her entire exercise or diet habits and routines, fans can rest easy knowing that she has not used the Mayr Method diet plan and doesn’t promote any diet pills or weight-loss scams.

For now, fans can follow along on her fitness journey when she posts online and enjoy the progress the Pitch Perfect actress has made.

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