Rebel Wilson is looking slim and trim as she hikes through Griffith Park in a crop top and leggings

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson showed off her slimmer and fitter physique as she walked through Griffith Park in a crop top and tight leggings. Pic credit: Backgrid

Rebel Wilson kicked off her “year of health” in 2020 and her hard work has paid off with extremely visible results.

After losing at least 77 pounds, it looks like Rebel is more comfortable in her own skin and showing her skin as well.

This past weekend, the Pitch Perfect star was spotted walking through Griffith Park in Los Angeles with her shirt pulled up over her shoulders, exposing her abs. 

She wore standard tennis shoes and black athletic leggings. The leggings showed off her fit legs while her lifted shirt exposed a black top underneath that left her abdomen out for everyone to see. 

It’s apparent that Rebel’s journey to fitness has been paying off and that she isn’t slacking on her fitness journey either. 

Rebel Wilson shows off slimmed physique in skintight leggings and crop top

The sun shined off of Rebel Wilson as she walked through the park, her cell phone in hand and earbuds in.

Although March in Los Angeles can be one of the cooler months of the year, that didn’t stop Rebel from warming up during her hike and throwing her shirt around her neck to leave her arms and abs exposed. 

Rebel Wilson at Griffith Park
Pic credit: Backgrid

While it seems obvious that Rebel’s workouts include walks in the park, the actress has taken many different steps to improve her health over the past couple of years. 

How did Rebel Wilson lose so much weight?

Rebel Wilson has been hard at work with trainer Jono Castano Acero while she’s worked on her weight loss and health journey. She works out in the gym and on hikes in a variety of places since she splits her time between Australia and the United States. 

Her trainer explained that they use an assault bike, battle ropes, medicine balls, and do squats. As well as completing exercises, she changed her diet and began eating foods with high amounts of protein rather than carb-heavy foods. 

Making the switch from carbs to protein has helped keep her full, resulting in eating less. 

There was a period of time when Rebel was worried that her weight loss could impact her career, but fortunately, the star has remained in steady work despite no longer being the “funny fat girl.”

Rebel may be working out to continue to lose weight, but it’s possible she is more focused on her health. Regardless, her time in Los Angeles seems to always include a walk in the park.

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