Princess Anne refused to attend Harry’s christening because she was angry Charles didn’t name her godmother

Princess Anne
Princess Anne reportedly skipped Harry’s christening after Charles refused to name her godmother Pic credit: ©

Princess Anne refused to attend Prince Harry’s christening back in 1984 due to a Royal Family row, it was claimed.

According to Express, royal writer Ashley Walton reported that Anne, Princess Royal, allegedly snubbed Prince Charles and Princess Diana by refusing to attend Prince Harry’s christening at Windsor Castle after he was born in September 1984.

Anne allegedly refused to attend the christening because Charles and Diana did not name her Prince Harry’s godmother.

Charles previously left Anne off the list of William’s godparents

Charles and Diana previously left Anne off the list of godparents for their first son Prince William, it was claimed. Tensions within the Royal Family allegedly came to a head when Charles again refused to name his sister godparent after welcoming his second son, Harry.

Anne was allegedly angry about being overlooked and the issue reportedly sparked a row.

“Her [Anne’s] displeasure grew into a full-scale family row when she learned that her younger brother Andrew was to be godfather to three-month-old Prince Harry, while she was again omitted,” Walton wrote, according to Express.

Prince Philip was also reportedly angry with Charles after he refused to name his sister as one of Harry’s godparents.

“There were rumors that Charles and his father were not on speaking terms as a result,” Walton reportedly wrote.

Anne went game shooting instead of attending Harry’s christening

Instead of joining the Royals to attend Prince Harry’s christening, Anne reportedly went game shooting on her Gatecombe Park estate with her ex-husband Captain Mark Philips.

“The Royal Family confidently expected Anne and Mark to arrive yesterday for the 11 am ceremony,” Walton wrote. “But as the baby was being baptized, the guns were blazing 100 miles away at Gatecombe Park.”

“Unfortunately neither of them [Anne and Mark Philips] could make it,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement. “They will be arriving in Windsor later in the day.”

Anne claimed that she and her husband had other plans for the day

After the incident, the broadcaster Terry Wogan reportedly asked Anne to confirm media rumors about a rift between her and Charles.

She reportedly told Wogan that she wouldn’t bother to comment on the rumors because media outlets would twist her words.

When Wogan asked whether her alleged feud with Charles was linked to her absence at Harry’s Christening, Anne said she and her husband did not attend because they had other things to do that they couldn’t put off.

“It was actually one of those rare occasions when we had actually made a plan a long way in advance, which is rare with us,” she said. “We had received a lot of hospitality from people over the years and this was really one move. We are paying them. We felt we couldn’t really put it off.”

Anne was allegedly the Royal who voiced concerns about Archie’s skin color

The latest news comes following allegations that Princess Anne was the Royal who expressed concern about Archie’s skin color before he was born.

According to the royal watcher Lady Colin Campbell, it was Anne who upset Harry by making alleged racially charged comments about Archie’s skin tone.

Anne also allegedly questioned Meghan Markle’s suitability as Harry’s partner.

She reportedly tried to convince Harry not to marry Meghan because she thought Meghan was “wrong for the country, wrong for the job.”

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