Police called for help after Britney Spears ran out of gas on the freeway 

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Britney Spears had a police encounter after her car ran out of gas and blocked traffic. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears is a very famous celebrity with “regular people” problems– the pop star ran out of gas on the highway and called the police to get herself out of trouble.

Britney just got back from her honeymoon after a lavish wedding to longtime partner, Sam Asghari, last month and put her pedal to the metal for a joy ride.

Fans will remember that Britney was in a restrictive conservatorship for 13 years and was not allowed to drive a car. It is easy to see how the pop star could have misjudged her gas tank, especially since she has not driven regularly in more than a decade.

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Police called after Britney Spears’ Mercedes runs out of gas on a busy highway

Britney Spears avoided disaster after her car stopped on a busy freeway.

TMZ reported that law enforcement officers received a call on Tuesday night after a white Mercedes Benz belonging to Britney was blocking a lane on the 101 in California. 

Officers arrived on the scene and found Britney in the backseat of another car after the driver saw what transpired and helped the pop star. When officers made contact with Britney, she explained that her car ran out of gas and stopped, blocking a lane on the busy road.

The law enforcement agents assisted Britney and stopped traffic. With the singer in the passenger seat, an officer grabbed the steering wheel while others pushed the car to safety.

The police officers reportedly waited on the scene until Britney’s husband Sam picked her up and took her home.

Britney Spears shares sweet honeymoon photos

Britney Spears disappeared from social media for a short time as she enjoyed her honeymoon with Sam Asghari. The Lucky singer quickly returned and made up for lost time as she shared videos and photos from her tropical retreat.

The content featured lengthy captions and random anecdotes.

Britney shared a bikini video while she frolicked in clear blue water in a skimpy bikini. She wrote in the caption, “No this is not a girls gone wild campaign … It’s simply me living my life !!! this is what happens when you do a two week yacht island vacation … jumping from island to island is literally insane !!! Girls if you want to lose weight, fly in a helicopter and you lose all your fluid from being nervous … I MEAN I think I dropped 4 pounds in a day …”

Britney has yet to address her car emergency, but she likely will, perhaps in the caption of a new bikini post.

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