Paul McCartney seemingly supports Johnny Depp at recent concert

Paul McCartney and Johnny Depp on the red carpet2
Fans think Paul McCartney has shown support for Johnny Depp in his ongoing lawsuit against Amber Heard. Pic credit: © and Landmark-Media

Ex-Beatle superstar Paul McCartney has seemingly thrown his support behind actor Johnny Depp as The Pirate of the Caribbean star remains embroiled in a legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard.

Or did he? It’s not entirely clear.

McCartney was performing at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando on Saturday when he began a rendition of his 2012 track My Valentine. It was during this tune that Macca put up some video footage featuring Depp, which was seen by many as McCartney explicitly showing support for the Hollywood actor.

Paul McCartney played footage of Johnny Depp at concert

The singer didn’t reference the clip or say anything about Johnny Depp or the trial, but according to TMZ, the audience erupted into a big cheer when they saw Depp.

The images showed Depp strumming a guitar at actor Natalie Portman. Now, here is where McCartney’s support becomes ambiguous; the footage was actually from the official 2012 video. And the Liverpudlian has previously shown this clip while on tour.

However, as per TMZ, McCartney did not play the clip during his Freshen Up Tour 2018 – 2019, and frankly, he didn’t have to show it on Saturday night either, but he still did anyway, despite the controversy surrounding Depp and Amber Heard.

Check out the official video for My Valentine below.

Many fans on Twitter certainly had no doubt in their minds that McCartney’s actions mean he is firmly behind Team Depp.

Many fans believe Paul McCartney showed support for Johnny Depp

One Twitter user wrote: “Amber Heard may have received her biggest FU yet when Paul McCartney put video of Johnny Depp on the big screen during his Florida show #TeamJohnnyDepp.”

Tweet about McCartney and Depp
Pic credit: @ThornyR49993350/Twitter

Another fan wrote that it was great that the former Beatle hadn’t “canceled” Depp. They wrote: “It was great to see in Orlando, FL last night that Sir Paul hasn’t canceled Johnny! Those 10s of thousands seems pleased as well! #JusticeForJohnnyDepp.”

Tweet suggests McCartney supports Depp
Pic credit: @LauriTheWiz/Twitter

McCartney and Depp go way back together and are reportedly close friends; the actor has appeared in a few of the singer’s videos. There have also been suggestions that McCartney may feel a bit of sympathy towards Depp because of his own difficult relationship with Heather Mills.

One fan implied McCartney might empathize with Depp because “he knows first-hand what its like to live the nightmare.”

Tweet supporting Depp
Pic credit: @jennydjld2019/Twitter

Johnny Depp is currently suing ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation after she wrote an article claiming she was a victim of domestic abuse. The article did not name the actor, but it was widely assumed that she was referencing him. Depp claims he lost out on acting jobs as a result. Disney did drop him from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Last week, Depp’s ex-supermodel girlfriend Kate Moss testified at the trial to refute claims made by Heard that Depp had pushed her down a set of stairs while they were together.

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