Patrick Stewart ‘with hair’ memes go viral after Natalie Morales Googled that photo of Andy Whitfield again

Actor Patrick Stewart
‘Patrick Stewart with hair’ meme goes viral on Twitter. Pic credit:

Patrick Stewart “with hair” memes have gone viral on Twitter after yet another person entered the search term on Google (“Patrick Stewart with hair”) and ended up with that photo of actor Andy Whitfield.

Patrick Stewart is best known for playing Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men series and Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek.

Many of Stewart’s fans have been entering the search term “Patrick Stewart with hair” in hopes of seeing what the actor looks like with hair on his head.

Actress Natalie Morales Googled Patrick Stewart with hair

It appears that actress Natalie Morales was the latest fan of Patrick Stewart to wonder what their favorite actor looks like with hair.

Morales took to Twitter on Tuesday, February 11, to tweet that she Googled the search term “Patrick Stewart with hair” and got an answer from Google.

It appeared that Morales initially thought that the photo that her Google Images search turned up showed the bald actor Patrick Stewart before he shaved his head bald.

“I googled ‘Patrick Stewart with hair’ and I was not in any way prepared for these results. I have logged in to twitter dot com today to share this with you because I feel it’s THAT important, good day everyone.”

Morales’ ‘Patrick Stewart with hair’ tweet went viral

Morales has more than 51,000 followers on Twitter, so her tweet quickly went viral.

Soon enough, some of her followers on Twitter pointed out that the photo did not show Stewart but actor Andy Whitfield, who is best known for playing Spartacus on Starz’s Spartacus TV series.

Andy Whitfield died from non-Hodgkin lymphoma on September 11, 2011, in Australia.

Others also Googled the search term and confirmed that the Google Images result showing Andy Whitfield, instead of Patrick Stewart, came from Pinterest, where it is captioned “Young Patrick Stewart.. with hair.”

Some fans accused Morales of spreading Fake News, even though it wasn’t news, but a tweet.

The concern that Morales was helping to spread “fake news” stemmed from the fact that many other people had mistaken the photo of Andy Whitfield for Stewart in the past.

The photo has been widely shared on social media and falsely presented as showing “Young Patrick Stewart with hair.”

Morales responded by arguing that it was not her fault and that it was Google that got it wrong.

She later posted another comment expressing regret about the “Fake News controversy” that her “horniness for Picard” got her embroiled in on Twitter.

Morales’ Tweet sparks ‘Patrick Stewart with hair’ viral meme on Twitter

Natalie Morales’s self-confessed “horniness for Picard” actually did more than get her embroiled in a “fake news controversy” on Twitter.

The incident sparked a “Patrick Stewart with hair” viral meme on Twitter, with many Twitter users spoofing her with creative memes of their own.

People started speculating on Twitter about how the misleading Andy Whitfield photo emerged.

Some suggested it could have been posted by someone trying to show what Patrick Stewart would look like with hair and Google search results mistakenly started listing it as such.

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