Charlie’s Angels movie review: Kristen Stewart is stuck in a joyless exercise

19 years ago, McG reinvented Charlie’s Angels as a movie. In 2000 that meant it reflected the ethos of the millennium. Action scenes utilized Hong Kong style wirework popularized by The Matrix, and a cheeky self-referential tone. In 2019, Charlie’s Angels still reflects the modern era of moviemaking. Unfortunately this Charlie’s Angels didn’t copy the

Movie review: Logan presents the definitive Wolverine on the big screen

The success of the Rated-R smash-hit Deadpool caused concern about the future state superhero movies. Already facing the hurdles of fatigue and saturation of superhero franchises, the kind of money that Deadpool made is the kind that makes the copycat industry of Hollywood latch on to the wrong things and leads short-sighted producers to believing

Match Review

Stripped down and heartfelt essay on what it takes to love and be loved. No hold is barred in Stephen Belber’s short and sweet essay on love and commitment. Mike and Lisa show up on Tobi’s doorstep with an odd request. They have travelled from Seattle to New York to interview Tobi for Lisa’s dissertation.