Owner of the club where Blueface shooting happened speaks out

A selfie on Blueface's Instagram
The owner of the club where the Blueface shooting occurred, speaks out about what happened. Pic credit: @bluefasebabyy/Instagram

The owner of the strip club where Blueface allegedly shot at another patron in the parking lot says it has shut down — and that he wants the rapper to spend the rest of his life in prison.

The owner of the establishment claims that Blueface ruined the “#1 urban spot in Las Vegas” with his alleged “gang-related activities.” He also said that he has lawyered up to ensure that Blueface either goes to prison for life or pays him “until the day he leaves this earth.”

Blueface was arrested in November for attempted murder after authorities said that he fired a firearm into the car of a man that was at the same club after an altercation inside. He is currently out on bond.

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According to the club owner, the alleged victim in the shooting was assaulted in the club earlier that evening by Blueface and his crew. He claims they were angry about a shirt the man had on, not a joke about a girl, as police reports have stated.

The owner said that when the alleged victim later pulled up in the parking lot to ask who jumped him, Blueface immediately pulled out a gun and started firing shots toward the truck. He also said that he has wholly cooperated with law enforcement, including turning in surveillance video and giving a statement.

The owner said it took 11 months to build the club, and it was shut down after just two months, seemingly due to this incident. The shooting occurred in October.

Blueface’s attempted murder charge

According to the police, the man who died allegedly made a joke about Blueface talking to “some females in a cheap vehicle.” That joke caused Blueface’s crew to hit the man “multiple times,” they claim.

The man then left in his truck, before rolling through the parking lot asking who jumped him.

Police say he was left with multiple bullet holes in his truck, and a bullet grazed his left hand. Video obtained by TMZ shows a man alleged to be Blueface shooting a gun in the direction of the truck.

Blueface’s girlfriend may be hinting at being pregnant

It’s possible that Blueface and his on-again/off-again girlfriend Chrisean Rock may have a baby on the way after Chrisean posted a picture of the couple last week with the caption “Mom n Dad.”

This isn’t the first time that Chrisean has teased a possible pregnancy. In January, she posted a pic of a pregnancy test that appeared to be positive, before deleting it.

Chrisean currently has no children. Blueface has two kids with Jaidyn Alexis.

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