Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s rocky relationship timeline

Blueface and Chrisean at the barber shop
Blueface and Chrisean Rock have an on-again/off-again toxic love story. Pic credit: @bluefacebleedem/TikTok

It all started with a track and field star from Baltimore, with 11 siblings, a dad in prison, and a drug-addicted mother, who met a rapper on an OnlyFans reality TV show. Next, a tooth was missing, and a tragic love story was found. Here’s the timeline of Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s love/hate story.

Chrisean was one of the top track runners at Santa Monica College in California. She said that she went to California to pursue track and field to get the future she deserved since she didn’t have the childhood she should have had. She said she was homeless at nine and stayed with family members and friends until she made it to California for college.

Meanwhile, Blueface was a rapper with a hit song called Thotiana, who had previously had several public brawls with his family. He decided to host a reality show on OnlyFans called Blue Girls Club where women lived in his house nonstop for a month, competing for his heart. Blueface’s son’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis, was also in the house. The women fought, partied, and completed challenges. During an altercation between Jaidyn and Chrisean, Chrisean’s front tooth was knocked out after she bumped her face on a surface.

Blueface then signed Chrisean to his record label Blueface LLC, and released a single called Lonely. The single became a hit on YouTube. But shortly after the single released, Chrisean publicly declared her love for Blueface. She started tattooing the rapper’s name on her face — twice to be exact. She also got a large picture of his face tattooed on her neck and “Jonathan’s p****” tattooed on her bikini line. (Jonathan is Blueface’s real name.)

Things then took a turn for the worse, with Chrisean arrested in Oklahoma for distribution of a controlled substance and allegedly breaking and entering in Blueface’s house and attempting to steal his car. Blueface posted on his Instagram Live a picture of his wall where Chrisean allegedly wrote, “I ♡ BLUE-ROCK”, in blood after cutting herself breaking in. According to Wack 100, Blueface’s manager, Chrisean was attempting to drive Blueface’s stolen vehicle to Baltimore but got busted in Oklahoma before she could make it.

After Chrisean got out of jail, she and Blueface stayed together, and Chrisean finally replaced her missing tooth with a new one. But she and Blueface decided to take it back out and keep the gap look, despite her dentist asking her not to. The next time she saw the dentist, she got a new implant, but this time, it had Blueface’s picture on it.

Since then, there have been several physical altercations between the couple, many of them caught on social media. Chrisean was arrested in Pheonix this summer for fighting Blueface at a club. He even offered her $100k to end their relationship. Then in October, Blueface was accused of punching Chrisean in the face. She later retracted her statement and said it didn’t happen, despite a video that she posted showing her face bloody.

The couple have also released several live videos of them having sexual relations. The couple are starring in a new show on The Zeus Network called Crazy in Love.

Chrisean Rock fought Blueface’s mother and sister

Footage of Blueface’s mother Karlissa and sister Kaliwae fighting with Chrisean surfaced shortly after Memorial Day weekend. What started the brawl is unclear, but the police were called and, according to Blueface, he and Chrisean were not the ones in the wrong.

Afterward, Karlissa went to Instagram to call her son out for the fight. She also showed a view of her swollen face on another post.

Blueface’s sister alleged that Blueface punched her and her mother in the face. She also said that her husband left her after the incident. However, Chrisean later said she was the one who assaulted the two women, after allegedly being bullied for two years, with Blueface encouraging her to defend herself.

Blueface fought Chrisean Rock’s father

After Blueface and Chrisean went to meet up with Chrisean’s family in September, another brawl broke out, but this time it was between Chrisean’s dad and Blueface. In a video posted by TMZ, you can see the couple and her family outside a Baltimore hotel.

It is unclear what the disagreement was about, but you can see Chrisean’s dad swing on Blueface and connect to his face, catching him off guard. Blueface stumbles a bit, then starts swinging.

A few seconds later, you can see Blueface coming behind Chrisean’s dad and knocking him out. In a since-deleted post on Instagram, Chrisean said that her boyfriend knocked her dad out. Blueface then wrote on social media, “I’m her daddy now,” with a crying laughing emoji behind it.

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