Outrage as Vanessa Bryant ‘death’ hoax sweeps the internet: Kobe’s wife did not commit suicide

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant attend the Academy Awards
A new death hoax involving Vanessa Bryant has people really upset. Pic credit: ©

It’s been just over a week since the untimely death of Kobe Bryant, likely the hardest of Vanessa Bryant’s life.

Now, there has been a new death report circulating the internet via video claiming that Vanessa committed suicide. It’s not real and Vanessa is still very much alive.

Vanessa Bryant death hoax

The video being shared comes from a website purporting to be associated with BBC News. In it, they claim that Vanessa Bryant, overcome with grief and depression, killed herself and recorded the act on video.

The false news report writes, “Vanessa Marie Bryant (born Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta, formerly Laine; May 5, 1982) is a former American model and video vixen. Beginning her career as a teenager, Bryant has appeared in numerous music videos.”

Right below the very brief synopsis of her life, the same site claimed that their video reached 77,000 views in one hour, making it viral. At this point, it has been viewed 2.9 million times as many continue to share the fake news.

Aside from the site itself being evidently questionable, those who saw the video being passed around on social media should have been clued right in. After all, clicking on the video led straight to a request to share it.

Social media rages over false Vanessa Bryant ‘suicide’ story

The death hoax involving Vanessa Bryant comes as many are still mourning the loss of her husband Kobe Bryant — and has prompted a lot of anger online.

Many have tweeted about the story, unable to understand why anyone would share such obviously fake news.

“There’s a story going around about Vanessa Bryant committing suicide over being depressed, I hope she Sues,” wrote one angry fan on social media.

Another wrote, “Fake news about Vanessa Bryant committing suicide that’s trending on the media rn is downright DISRESPECTFUL AF! Nervy a** people make me cringe ugh.”

Yet another felt that whoever is spreading this Vanessa Bryant death hoax should “go to hell”. They wrote, “They made a fake article about Vanessa Bryant suicide. Y’all really need to go to the projects of hell.”

Another ranted, “Some a**hole made a fake headline saying that vanessa bryant commited suicide. yo the person is grieving and her mind is probably not in the right place, don’t you f**king dare use suicide and someone’s suffering for clout. the f**king audacity off some people.”

This is just a sampling of the outrage taking over Twitter and Facebook as some question whether the “suicide news” is true while others know better since the website itself looks questionable and no trustworthy sources have picked up the story which would be big, and absolutely heartbreaking, if it were true.

Vanessa Bryant is still alive and is mourning the loss of Kobe and the couple’s daughter Gianna.

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