One Direction star Harry Styles has divided fans by growing a mustache

Harry Styles performing on-stage
Harry Styles has been spotted in Italy sporting a bushy style mustache. Pic credit: © ImagePressAgency

Harry Styles has delighted and outraged his millions of fans in equal measure — by sporting some new facial hair.

The 26-year-old Englishman has been traveling in Modena, Italy, and while there he seems to have decided to spruce up his face by growing out a mustache.

Back in March, Styles announced he was hoping to learn Italian while social distancing, so perhaps he’s in Italy to continue with his studies as well as grow hair.

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The mustache shocker was announced by olive oil purveyor Villa Manodori, who posted a picture of the former One Directioner in all his hairy glory.

The always stylish Styles was pictured holding up a bottle of balsamic vinegar while wearing a green and white T-shirt, straight-legged jeans, yellow-tinted shades, and a rather bushy upper lip.

The villa captioned the photo with: “Many thanks for your visit @harrystyles; enjoy our little gift!”

Harry Styles pictured with mustache
Harry Styles was sampling some balsamic vinegar when he was pictured with a hairy upper lip. Pic credit: @villamanodori/ Instagram

Harry Styles has been staying in Italy with his mustache

The famous Chef Massimo Bottura also shared a photo of himself with the singer on his Instagram story and stated that Harry had made a “pit stop” at the Osteria Francescana restaurant as he traveled through.

Harry Styles posing at an Italian restaurant
Pic credit: @harryzstan/ Twitter

Styles has been entertaining thoughts of growing a mustache for years now. Way back in 2011, when we were just getting to know the singer, he tweeted: “I’ve decided that I want a mustache…But not like a cool guy mustache.. I mean like a Mario mustache :{ Oh Yeaaahhhhhh!!”

It seems he has finally been able to live out this dream. Bravo Harry!

One Twitter user responded to that tweet a few days ago by suggesting that he looked more like Luigi than Mario.

Tweet from fan about Harry's mustache
Pic credit: @harrysgoochi/ Twitter

Fans are divided over Harry Styles’s mustache

As well as being compared to the Mario Brothers, fans also suggested that Harry looked liked Joe Exotic, Freddie Mercury, and even Hopper from Stranger Things.

Some of the comments have been very supportive of Harry. One tweeter wrote: “Harry’s the only person that can make a mustache look adorable.”

Another user gave a backhand mustache compliment by stating: “Harry Styles may be the only person who could wear a mustache like this and still look good.”

It seems the general consensus among Harry’s fans is that while the mustache is a bad idea, if anyone can pull it off, it’s him. Hopefully, he’ll now pull it off…

Harry Styles was in the news early this year for far more disturbing reasons. The Dunkirk actor was mugged on Valentine’s Day near a pub in London as he walked alone quite late at night. The mugger brandished a knife at the pop star, who calmly handed over his money.

At the start of the year, Harry was the subject of rumors that he had started dating Adele; sadly, those rumors appear to have been false.

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