Nicole Kidman’s Vanity Fair cover leaves fans ‘confused’ as many comment: ‘I don’t get it’

Nicole Kidman vanity fair outfit
Nicole Kidman’s illustrious career has spanned over nearly four decades. Pic credit: ©

Nicole Kidman’s latest magazine cover left some fans confused and disappointed, but the photo also had some defenders.

On Thursday, Vanity Fair released a photo and a video of Kidman wearing a barely-there two-piece outfit as part of their 28th annual Hollywood issue that highlighted actors with noteworthy performances.

The publication paid tribute to her legendary career in the caption of the post, writing:

“Presenting our 28th annual Hollywood Issue, starring Academy Award nominee Nicole Kidman. The ‘Being the Ricardos’ star has held the keys to Hollywood for decades, and her latest role as Lucille Ball clinched her a fifth Oscar nomination, it reads, continuing:

“Still, after 40 years of acting in more than 80 film and TV projects, Kidman says she approaches each role like she is fresh out of theatre class.”

The issue also paid tribute to other A-list Hollywood stars, including Idris Elba, Penélope Cruz, Kristen Stewart, Benedict Cumberbatch, Simu Liu, Andrew Garfield, and MJ Rodriguez.

Nicole Kidman schoolgirl outfit leaves fans confused

While most fans were pleased the legendary actress was getting her flowers, the outfit choice left many confused and disappointed.

“Ok but who put her in this outfit ??,” one comment reads.

Another viewer expressed their disappointment in the Miu Miu two-piece.

“Not a fan of this look. ?,” another expressed.

A person asked to know how the stylist came to choose such an outfit, writing:

“Would love to hear the concept behind this…cause I don’t get it.”

“I’m confused?,” a popular comment said.

A commenter questioned why the 54-year-old actress is styled in what appears like a schoolgirl outfit.

“She’s an accomplished actress who’s nominated for an Oscar. Why is she dressed like a school girl? Not cool,” the person wrote.

“Nicole Kidman is a very talented and beautiful woman, but sadly this outfit ain’t it ??‍♀️,” the commenter chimed in.

Instagram comments
Pic credit:@vanityfair/Instagram

Katie Grand styled the Academy-Award-winning actress for the Vanity Fair shoot.

The British stylist and fashion journalist shared the photo of Kidman and the other actors honored by the publication on her Instagram page with the following caption:

“Vanity fair with Maurizio and Pierpaolo and the whole gang. Thank you @vanityfair.”

Twitter defends Kidman’s Vanity Fair outfit

While the outstanding actress’s Miu Miu two-piece outfit left some fans confused, others praised the choice of clothes and praised Kidman’s toned body.

Entertainment writer Michael Cuby hit back at critics of the magazine cover, writing, “Nicole Kidman in a Miu Miu mini is instantly iconic. You either get it, you get it. Or you don’t, you don’t.”

A Twitter user praised Nicole’s stunning physique, debunking claims her toned abs were created by photo-editing.

“People claiming Nicole Kidman’s abs were photoshopped in that Vanity Fair cover lmao it is possible for a 54-year old woman to have one you know ?”

“oh my god nicole kidman looks incredible??” a fan of the cover wrote.

“Nicole Kidman in this Miu Miu fit is an absolute serve,” another Twitter user wrote.

Nicole Kidman’s outfit was part of the Miu Miu spring/summer 2022 season collection, which debuted during Paris Fashion Week.

The outfit, a crop-top blazer and belt skirt, is described as a rebellious uniform by Vogue.

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diana ford
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The knobbiest knees I have ever seen!