Nicki Minaj claims Kanye West turned down collab and blamed Kim Kardashian 

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj shares that Kanye West turned down collaboration because of Kim Kardashian. Pic credit: ©

Nicki Minaj dropped bombshells in her new interview with Joe Budden. 

Nicki has been largely influential in the fashion world and music industry. She wanted to do a female clothing line and thought it would be right to contact Kanye.

The Super Bass rapper revealed that she approached Kanye West about a potential fashion collaboration. The Donda 2 rapper rejected the offer because he thought his wife Kim Kardashian would be unhappy with the arrangement.

The Kim Kardashian revelation and plastic surgery admissions were part of the lengthy interview with Joe Budden that got more than a half-million views in one day. 

Nicki Minaj says Kanye West rejected fashion collab because of Kim Kardashian 

Nicki Minaj wanted to do a fashion collaboration with Kanye West, but he rejected it for his wife Kim Kardashian. Nicki revealed the tea during a nearly two-hour interview with rapper Joe Budden.

Nicki previously helped Italian luxury fashion house Fendi sales when she named them on her 2018 hit song Chun-Li. 

She discussed a conversation she had with Kanye, who was then married to Kim K. Nicki recalls approaching Kanye, saying, “‘Hey look, I’m about to do something and I just wanted to make sure I spoke to you first,’ because I have so much respect for him.”

She continues about her conversation with Kanye, “And he was like, ‘Well, if I did something with you, I think my wife probably wouldn’t love that idea because I should be giving that to my wife instead. If I was doing a female version of the Yeezys or whatever, it should probably go to my wife.’”

That is not the only bombshell that Nicki dropped. For the first time, the rapper revealed that she got butt injections. Nicki burst onto the scene as a rapper for Lil Wayne’s Young Money a decade ago. Her larger-than-life butt caused endless chatter, with rumors that she had butt implants.

Nicki Minaj’s new campaign for Marc Jacobs

Nicki Minaj starred in a campaign for the Marc Jacobs Heaven collection. The collection, photographed by Harley Weir, drew inspiration from early 2000s pop culture and Japanese Harajuku fashion. 

The rapper poses in her signature wigs for the Spring 2022 collection. The designer calls Heaven a “sprawling and enigmatic omniverse of Marc Jacobs subversion.”

Marc Jacobs’ line Heaven will feature a second drop next month with inspiration from Sofia Coppola’s 1994 comedy series, Hi Octane. In May, a third drop will occur that will feature Gumby graphics.

Fans can shop the Heaven collection now.

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