Nia Long fuels questions about Jamie Foxx’s health with concerning tweet

nia long at 2022 15th Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards Luncheon
Nia Long’s recent tweet about Jamie Foxx has many worried about the actor’s health situation. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Actress Nia Long is expressing concern for actor Jamie Foxx, as recent reports have fueled rumors regarding the actor’s condition.

As previously reported, Foxx was hospitalized in April after collapsing on the set of his upcoming film Back in Action in Georgia.

Following his hospitalization, details were scarce about his condition as his daughter, Corrine Foxx, shared an update on social media.

She informed everyone that her dad had an undisclosed “medical complication” for which he was getting treated, but not much else was known.

Within the past week, rumors about the actor’s condition began swirling, with reports citing unknown sources that indicated Foxx’s inner circle was hoping for the best but also “preparing for the worst.”

On the heels of this recent speculation, Long sent out a tweet where she seemingly expressed that her “heart is heavy” regarding the actor.

Nia Long shares concerning tweet about Jamie Foxx

Taking to her Twitter on Friday morning, actress Nia Long expressed what appeared to be serious concern about her friend.

“My heart is heavy this morning. Praying for our brother Jamie Foxx. My love and prayers run deep for you and your loved ones,” she tweeted, along with a praying hands emoji and the hashtag #PrayForJamieFoxx.

nia long on twitter about jamie foxx
Nia Long tweets about Jamie Foxx. Pic credit: @NiaLong/Twitter

As of this writing, Long’s tweet had picked up over 8,100 likes, along with 1,200-plus retweets and 364 quotes.

Long, 52, has appeared in many popular films, including Boyz n the Hood, Friday, Soul Food, The Best Man, and The Banker. She and Foxx co-starred in the 1999 crime buddy comedy Held Up, also featuring Barry Corbin, Jake Busey, and Sarah Paulson in the cast.

A few days before Long’s tweet, hip-hop artist and actor Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi tweeted to express he was “prayin for Jamie Foxx.”

kid cudi tweets concern for jamie foxx
Kid Cudi also expressed concern for Foxx. Pic credit: @KidCudi/Twitter

Recent report fueled rumors suggesting Foxx’s health might be declining

While Long’s tweet doesn’t give any specifics, it is a concerning message from Foxx’s friend and former co-star. It arrives soon after a recent unsubstantiated report at RadarOnline cited undisclosed “sources” that suggested Foxx’s inner circle might be “preparing for the worst.”

There was also speculation that Foxx was still hospitalized, which meant he’d been there for nearly a month since his collapse on the set of Netflix’s Back in Action. That led some to suggest Foxx’s length of stay at the hospital indicated things weren’t improving regarding his condition or recovery.

His Netflix movie continued filming without Foxx, as stunt and body doubles filled in for his scenes. Co-star Cameron Diaz also continued filming her scenes for the movie.

During his apparent hospitalization, reports circulated regarding the actor’s recovery and the family’s privacy about his condition.

Earlier this month, the actor broke his silence on Instagram sharing a message on an all-black background that expressed his appreciation for all the love and support he’d received from friends and fans since his hospitalization.

Along with that, recent comments from his friends Martin Lawrence and Kevin Hart didn’t give many details about Foxx’s situation but expressed they were keeping him in their thoughts and prayers as he recovered.

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Pray for you Jamie Foxx