Martin Lawrence gives a Jamie Foxx health update

Jamie Foxx at the Netflix's Day Shift event.
Jamie Foxx is reportedly getting better. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Comedian Martin Lawrence shared a positive update on his friend Jamie Foxx’s condition after the legendary entertainer was hospitalized. 

As previously reported on Monsters and Critics earlier this week, the Ray actor was hospitalized with an unspecified medical condition. 

The 55-year-old actor was filming the upcoming Netflix movie, Back in Action when his daughter released a statement on behalf of his family, revealing that he is recovering from a medical issue. 

The Bad Boys actor gave an update on the Academy Award winner’s health during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. 

“I hear he’s doing better,” Martin told Extra on Thursday, continuing: 

“My prayers go out for him every night, and just wishing the best for him, one of the best that we got in Hollywood. Not only one of the best entertainers but a good person.”

Martin’s sources appear to be right, as another report has surfaced that Foxx is on the road to recovery. 

Jamie Foxx is reportedly awake and alert

Multiple sources told PEOPLE that Foxx is responsive after spending more than a week under hospital care. 

“He’s OK, thank God,” a source told the outlet, continuing: “He’s still in the hospital, and doctors are running tests, but he’s awake and alert. They’re keeping him under observation.”

While rumors claim that the actor suffered a stroke, his medical condition has not been revealed. 

Foxx was not on the set of the Netflix movie when the incident occurred, and he was not taken to the hospital in an emergency vehicle, according to the magazine. 

Due to scheduling, production resumed in the movie, which marks the return of Cameron Diaz.

A stunt double reportedly stood in for Foxx, and another individual served as his photo double.

Jamie Foxx was reportedly ‘enraged’ on the set of the Netflix movie before hospitalization

Reports of trouble on the set of Back in Action emerged before Foxx ended up in the hospital. 

According to The Sun, Foxx fired several producers after a series of delays in production. 

The actor was also a target of a scam in which a crew member offered him a Rolex. 

A source told the outlet, “This film has been a bit of a nightmare,” citing the weather in London, delays, and an investigation into the alleged scam. 

Diaz retired from acting to focus on her family. She last appeared in Annie in 2014 and announced her formal retirement in 2018 before her upcoming Netflix comeback. 

The 50-year-old actress is married to Benji Madden, and the pair share a daughter born in 2019.

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