Kevin Hart shares Jamie Foxx health update: ‘I’ve heard things’

kevin hart at Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's Me Time
Kevin Hart spoke about his friend Jamie Foxx’s health situation during a recent podcast. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

With Jamie Foxx hospitalized since mid-April with a mystery condition, it’s caused plenty of concern for the actor, comedian, and TV host’s health.

Foxx had been filming for a new movie in Atlanta, Georgia when he was taken to the hospital. As of this writing, it’s still unknown what Foxx’s illness or condition was.

It resulted in stunt and body doubles filling in for the actor on the set of the movie he was filming, Back In Action, which also stars Cameron Diaz.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Foxx and his daughter were also temporarily replaced as Beat Shazam hosts. The father-daughter duo has appeared on the popular musical gameshow since its debut season in 2017.

With all that happening, it might seem that things are pretty serious for Foxx, but it appears he is recovering and making progress based on comments from friends.

Another positive update has recently arrived from Foxx’s good friend, fellow actor and comedian Kevin Hart, who also shared why Foxx and his family have kept things private.

Kevin Hart provides an update on his friend Jamie Foxx’s recovery

Hart recently appeared on Logan Paul and Mike Majlak’s Impaulsive podcast to talk about other celebrity friends, including his good friends Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jamie Foxx.

Around the 10-minute mark of the podcast, they asked if Hart knew anything about the situation involving Foxx’s health, and he seemed to have some insight.

“I’ve heard things,” Hart shared, adding, “I think I’m very fortunate to have the relationship I have with Jamie and to be able to just check on them and stuff like that.”

Hart said the family was being “tight” with releasing information about the actor’s health situation, but for a good reason.

“Jamie’s always been a private person to a certain degree, but I think the dope thing is that he’s getting better in the situation,” he said.

Hart shared that he didn’t know the “exact” details of Foxx’s health situation, but to his knowledge, “there’s a lot of progression and a world of better.”

“You know everybody’s prayers- everybody’s love, energy. All that stuff is seen and felt,” Hart said, adding, “My love, synergy, [and] energy goes out to him. He’s needed. He’s necessary.”

Hart and Foxx appeared together in the 2014 film Black Phantom which also starred Samuel L. Jackson. The Tim Story-directed film focused on a mob hit man that got double-crossed by his bosses.

In addition to Hart, Foxx’s friend Martin Lawrence recently spoke about the actor’s situation.

“I hear he’s doing better,” Martin told Extra, adding, “My prayers go out for him every night, and just wishing the best for him, one of the best that we got in Hollywood. Not only one of the best entertainers but a good person.”

Foxx commented about ‘all the love’ during his ongoing health situation

Several days ago, Foxx provided what appears to be his first statement since April 12, when his unknown medical condition was first revealed via a now-deleted post from his daughter, Corrine.

Foxx took to Instagram, sharing a message with his 16.3 million followers to express gratitude for all those reaching out and sending their love and support.

“Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed,” the actor wrote on a black background, adding praying hands, heart, and fox emojis.

As mentioned, Foxx was filming Back in Action in Atlanta, Georgia, when his daughter provided an update about his health situation. The action-comedy film, directed by Seth Gordon, is currently in post-production with Foxx’s scenes filmes and additional scenes filmed using body doubles for him.

Foxx has several other scheduled films coming for 2023 in post-production, including upcoming comedy Strays where he voices Bug, and God Is a Bullet, where he plays The Ferryman.

The actor also has projects, including The Burial, Tin Soldier, and Groove Tails. It’s unknown what the status of Groove Tails is, as it was last listed as “filming.”

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