Jamie Foxx and daughter replaced with new Beat Shazam hosts amid actor’s health concerns

jamie foxx and daughter corinne foxx
Jamie and Corinne Fox won’t be the host and DJ on Beat Shazam Season 6. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Following his recent health concerns, actor and comedian Jamie Foxx and his daughter, Corinne Foxx, will not appear in the next season of the popular music game show Beat Shazam.

The father-daughter duo has officially been replaced by new stars for the season, with The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon taking over as host while Jamie Foxx recovers.

The announcement arrives after Foxx was hospitalized with a mystery illness last month, with family members and those close to the award-winning actor asking everyone “Pray for Jamie.”

Foxx has hosted the game show for its first five seasons, extending back to its debut on the Fox channel in May 2017. It was renewed for a sixth season, set to premiere later this month.

Singer and reality TV star Kelly Osborne will take over as DJ, a position held by Corinne while she was on the show with her dad.

Osbourne took to her official Instagram Story to post an announcement regarding Beat Shazam and its replacement of main stars Jamie and Corinne Foxx.

Kelly Osbourne shares Beat Shazam Season 6 update

On Wednesday evening, Osbourne posted a video clip featuring the Beat Shazam logo at the top of the slide, with a message beneath it regarding the unscripted show’s status, saying they wanted to keep the fun going.

It reveals that Cannon will “fill in as guest host for his friends, Jamie and Corinne Foxx” and that Osbourne will “be filling in as the DJ.”

“Everyone at FOX Entertainment wishes Jamie well as he continues his recovery, and we greatly appreciate Nick’s willingness to jump in and help this summer,” the message concludes.

kelly osbourne beat shazam update
Kelly Osbourne shares announcement regarding Beat Shazam stars. Pic credit: @kellyosbourne/Instagram

Per TMZ, Beat Shazam was set to go into production earlier this month but became delayed after Foxx became hospitalized. Reportedly, Cannon and Osbourne began shooting on Wednesday.

TMZ also reported that Osbourne shared an Instagram video of herself from the DJ booth while filming for the show.

What is the Beat Shazam game show on FOX?

Beat Shazam is a breakthrough game show featuring contestants having to identify songs they hear before their time limit expires. Contestants can win hundreds of thousands of dollars for identifying songs correctly and, ultimately, a million-dollar prize if they can Beat Shazam.

The debut season of the show featured five rounds, with the value of each song increasing based on the round. The final song called the Fast Track, was worth substantially more money.

Things changed in Season 2 and onward as the game was reduced to four rounds. The first round was called the Shazam Shuffle, with each song coming from a different category.

In the bonus round, known as Beat Shazam, contestants had to identify five additional songs, one by one, before Shazam did. A yellow ring slowly disappeared as a visual timer, with contestants having to give the exact song title before time expires. 

Once the contestants identified all five songs correctly and before Shazam, they could choose to stop and keep all their prize money or attempt to identify a sixth and final song worth a $1 million prize.

As TMZ reported, Foxx’s condition remains a mystery. The actor was in Atlanta to film Back In Action in April when he became ill and was hospitalized. He’s had fill-ins for the movie filming consisting of stunt and body doubles since then.

Monsters and Critics reported that actor and comedian Martin Lawrence gave an update about Foxx’s condition, saying he’d heard his friend was “doing better” and that he was “wishing the best for him” as Foxx is “one of the best that we got in Hollywood.”

Beat Shazam Season 6 premieres May 23 on FOX.

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